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This program follows the general consensus among industry leaders regarding the knowledge and skills needed by HVAC/R industry workers.

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HVACR Fundamentals

101A: This first session is designed to explore the common aspects of HVAC/R technology. Discussion will focus on such topics as heat transfer methods, basic terminology and definitions, and applied physics for HVAC/R systems. Six modules cover:

  • Introduction to the industry
  • HVAC/R measurements
  • Heat energy
  • Pressure
  • Gas works
  • Air works

101B: The second half covers the primary safety considerations of the HVAC/R workplace. Presentations and coursework are in six modules that cover:

  • Hazard communication (labels and MSDS)
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Personal safety in confined space and ladders
  • Electrical lockout/tag out
  • Fire extinguishers and compressed gas safety
  • Back protection and HVAC/R hazardous materials

HVAC/R Electrical 2

Electric 2A: The first portion of this course covers common control components found in HVAC/R systems. Presentations and examples are given for specific devices and their electrical sequence of operation in normal HVAC/R applications. The final module of this first half discusses wiring and schematic reading.

  • Control Methods, Temperature, and Pressure
  • Residential Heat/cool Thermostats at Low voltage
  • Really Good Relay Stuff
  • Contractors go/Starters go with protection
  • Power wiring
  • Odds and ends around a schematic

Electric 2B: The second portion of the course is dedicated to common single-phase and small three-phase electric motors. Presentations focus on basic motor theory, common types of motors, starting components and protection devices and motor troubleshooting.

  • Basic electric motor theory
  • Shaded pole and split-phase motors
  • CSIR and CSR motors
  • PCS and multiple speed motors
  • Dual voltage and variable-speed motors
  • Basic three-phase motors

HVAC/R Systems 1

  • Systems 1A: The first half of this course is an introduction to HVAC comfort parameters. Topics covered include human comfort, air properties, intro to psychometrics, and airflow measurement methods and calculations.
  • Systems 1B: The second half of this course is devoted to developing an ability to perform residential / light commercial heat-loss calculations (for heating systems) and size heating duct systems.

HVAC/R Refrigeration 1

  • Refrigeration Cycle 1A: This course will serve as an introduction to the mechanical compression refrigeration cycle and the components necessary for operation. Students will be introduced to the common components and the terms and definitions of the cycle. HVAC/R Fundamentals is required prior to taking this course.
  • Refrigeration Cycle 1B: The second half of the course is a continuation and elaboration of HVAC/R Refrigeration 1. Presentations will describe the application of common accessories found in a system, piping arrangements, sizing considerations and system operation.

HVAC Heating 1

Oil Heat 1A: The first portion of this course is to introduce the concept of combustion at a fundamental level. The focus will be on the current high-pressure gun oil burner.

Gas Heat 1B: The second half of the course covers combustion basics for natural gas and propane fuels as found in residential and light commercial applications. Presentations cover the common types of gas heating equipment.

  • Gas combustion basics
  • Common components and safety issues
  • Natural draft
  • Induced draft
  • Direct vent
  • Sealed combustion
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