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The curriculum of the HR diploma was professionally designed to cope with the practical application for the HR divisions in the local and multination national companies. And this is accomplished through workshops and studies and role playing which enables the participants to both the practical and the theoretical knowledge in the field of HR.

The target

  • Knowing the difference between managing individuals and dealing with them a human resource.
  • Creating a plan for the HR as an essential part of the plan of the whole institution.
  • Applying the plan which increases the value of the available resources.
  • Evaluating human resources and using evaluations as a method of improving the efficiency to achieve quality of performance.

Contents of the course

  • Types of interviews
  • Types of questions
  • Real life interviews
  • Learning the proficiency of answering
  • Group interviews
  • Choosing the perfect candidate

The format of presenting the job

  • Highlighting some terms of the job rules
  • The concept of human resources
  • Differentiating between HR and individuals management
  • Some basic terms and definitions
  • How to calculate the direct and indirect labor need for your facility?
  • The common ways of prediction. 

The employment structure

How to create an employment structure for your facility?
What are the benefits of the employment structure and its different types? 


  • You'll learn the whole system of recruitment
  • Knowing the secrets of writing a CV
  •  We'll shed the light on real life CVs
  • We'll write the first CV together

 First time employee

  • Designing the employment analysis
  • The general formula for employment analysis
  • The benefits and the earnups
  • How to create a format for the employee responsibilities?
  • How to put targets for the employees inside the facility?
  • The measures of employment performance assessment.  
  • Creating a system for payrolls and earnups.
  • Training and developing the human resources.
  • Evaluating the training.
  • Problem solving inside the facility. 
  • Turnover ( causes and solutions)
  • The culture of the facility ( types and ways of measurement)
  • What is the social duty of the facility?

The targeted group

  • Managers and workers in the field of human resources who seek to develop their skills.
  • Incase if signing up for the scholarship you'll get:
  • A certified certificate in Arabic from diplomatic center.
  • A certified certificate in English from diplomatic center. 
  • A certified certificate from Ain Shams University "Extra fees" 

Benefits of joining:

  • Introduction to group work to pass the course.
  • Dividing the participants into teams to create a project to pass the course.
  • Discussing the project, assessing it and handing certificates.
  • The participant gets the material for free
  • A certified HR ID card.

About Diplomatic Training & Consulting

The center was established recently to include a group of experts in the field or training, and we aim to provide the best learning experience. Our values were set to according to the intellectual needs of the business market. We also break the barriers to give you the ability the gain the necessary knowledge you need for you field and to manage your resources effectively.

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