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1. Navigation &overviewSap Overview
Login Navigation
HCM System Wide Concept

2. Enterprise Structure
Structure in HCM
HCM Enterprise Structure
Employee Group
Employee Subgroup
Configuration of Personal Area, Personal sub area
Assignment of Personal Area to Company Code
Creating Personal Subarea and Assign it to it's Personal Area

3. Personal Structure Personal Structure Overview
Configuration of Employee group, Employee Sub Group
Assignment of Employee Subgroup to Employee Group
Assignment of Employee Attribute
Payroll Area
Check Defaults Payroll Area (ABKRS Features)

4. Organizational Management Creating Structure in OM
Maintenance of Plan Version
Set Active Plan Version
Maintaining Number Range
Integration With Personal Administration
Org. Structure Creation (POCE/PPOME)

; Personal Administration
Maintain &Configure Personal Action
Maintain HR MasterData
Infotype Number Range
Subtypes of Infotype
Time Constrain in HR
Maintain Personal Data
Single Screen Maintenance
Personal Actions
Fast Entry
Single Screen Maintenance
Personal Action
Dynamic Action
Standard Reports
AD-HOC Query
Configuration of Personal Number Range
Determine Defaults forNumber Range
Infotype for Personal Administration
Configuration of Infotypes Menu
Configuration of Action Menu
Info Group Operation, Configuration of Personal Action
Set Up Personnel Action
Creating reasons for personal actions

6. Time Management
Time Management
Time Recording
Time Evaluation
Time Management Integration with other modules
Time Management End User Process
Time Management Basic Configuration
Working Schedule Configurations
Time Recording Configuration
Absence & attendance types configuration
Absence counting & quota configurations
Time Infotypes Overlapping
Configure Quota Type Generation ' entitlement'
Rounding Rules
Quota Deduction Rules

7. Payroll &Master Data upload
Introduction to Payroll
Payroll Process
Payroll Reporting
Payroll Basic Configuration
Define Payroll areas & primary wages type
Integration with FICO Configuration

8. Master Data Upload
Project Case

Job roles this course is suitable / will prepare you for

SAP HCM Consultant , SAP Consultant , IT Consultant

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Jupiter2000 is a Training and Business Applications  Software Company, established in 1996 and headquartered in Egypt, provides a fully integrated learning solutions in Project Management, Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing and IT Courses (ERP Software, Programming, Database Administration) Beside Offering Software Applications Services (Readymade and Custom Solutions) and ending with IT/IS Support, Infrastructure and Outsourcing Services. Jupiter2000 is a Certified Partner of (SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Pearson VUE, Prometric) and PMI Education Provider. 

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