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This course aims to develop the skills of using HTML software in web applications and websites through the use of innovative software methods in HTML. The course also includes a set of examples and mechanism to deal with them theoretically and practically.
CSS is a revolution in the world of web design, and its main benefits are:
  • Control the design through a single file.
  • Greater and more precise control of design details.
  • Create special designs for various website displays such as screens, printers, mobile phones .. ect
  • Many advanced techniques and methods in design control.
The browser loads the program written in Javascript into either an HTML page or an external file. Performs all operations on a user's device - ie within his own browser.
JavaScript creates interactive functions. This is what many sites and pages like Facebook and YouTube use. Updated on 28 June, 2018

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Bradford offers university teaching for all engineering, medical, accounting and business administration disciplines. All you have to do is choose the required material and we will contact you directly. The best engineers and distinguished lecturers will be selected with more than 5 years of university teaching experience.
Bradford is focused on providing courses to support university students in the fields of engineering and practical, with a number of modern programming courses and workshops to keep up with the labor market in addition to the programs of preparing the newly graduated engineer for most engineering sectors.
Bradford is interested in the development and programming of mobile applications, including the design and programming of the application and linking it with the websites, in addition to providing marketing solutions, including marketing and deployment of various mobile applications and upload them on the Google Play platform and Apple Store platform, as well as linking the application with social media to increase sales and meet all needs.

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