Udemy How to Do a Presentation: 5 Steps to a Killer Opener Udemy
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    This course will show you how to boost your sales, credibility, and confidence in front of a crowd, a boardroom, or a sales call with a killer presentation opener. You're going to learn nine practical steps you can use tomorrow to blow your audience away.

    First, you'll learn how to get people to trust you by making them feel safe with you. Second, you'll learn how to get people to believe you by connecting to their emotions. And third, you'll learn how to get people to listen to you by aligning their values with their actions.

    But before any of that happens, you'll get a behind the scenes look as Jason prepares to give this very presentation in a room full of entrepreneurs. You'll learn the simple techniques Jason uses to calm his nerves, and how he prepares, so he nails his opening statement.

    Updated on 18 February, 2018
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