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    •  Understand your role and its relevance to your organization's objectives. 
    • An overview of John Adair's Situational Leadership model for leading a team.
    • Identify your personal strengths and assess the gaps and your vulnerabilities. 
    • Understand your Leadership Style and the impact it has on your team. 
    • Explore which transferable skills/approaches will work; and which will not. 
    • Learn how to diagnose the situation and plan action around challenges and opportunities. 
    • Building skills to engage and empowering your new team for success. 
    • Identify ways to overcome the challenges of inheriting a team and how to restructure. 
    • Learn how to build a portfolio of early-win initiatives and secure tangible results. 
    • Master techniques to get the best out of the first 3-month transition period.

    Job roles this course is suitable / will prepare you for

    For Professionals who are in a managerial position and are responsible for managing staff.

    About Solid State Training Solutions

    Our story began with a belief in continuous improvement, and a strong desire to again and sustain, and that emerges with "Empowering partners for a better tomorrow" our Slogan.
    At Solid State Training Solutions, we help our clients align their training needs with the business goals and objectives, as well as the company's values and cluture. We tailor our training programs to match your organization's needs, either by adapting an existing program or, developing a new one. and to assist you with one or more steps in the development processes such as consulting, training needs, training assessment, and implementation & evaluation.
    Our training programs aim at providing the proper guidance for the employees, on how to optimize the resources of the employer for better results at their regular working environment.
    Our Team
    Solid State Training Solutions houses a team of highly motivated, energetic and talented trainers, commited to helping organizations achieve outstanding levels of performance. Our team is dedicated to partnering with our clients and strategic business partners, in order to provide the best resources to help our clients achieve their business goals.

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