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Introduce delegates to the concept and values of setting up a Project Management Office
Explain how to go about setting up the PMO
Minimize the road to project success through the use of good PMO Management


Organizational Project Management & Governance.

  • Concepts in Project, Program and Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio vs. Operations Management
  • The Portfolio Management Framework
  • Organizational Structures and Project Management
  • Organizational Strategy, Project Maturity and Business Delivery
  • Organizational Governance & Governance Models The PMO
  • Types of PMOs
  • Operational Areas of PMOs
  • The PMO Continuum - The 5 stages of the PMO
  • The 20 Functions of the PMO

The PMO Setup

  • PMO Structural Models
  • The PMO Mandate
  • Defining the PMO Charter, mission & vision statement
  • PMO Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities
  • Measurement of PMO Value
  • Establishing the PMO Baseline
  • Calculating the PMO Baseline
  • PMO Return on Investment
  • Calculating the Cost of the PMO
  • Measuring PMO Performance
  • Calculating PMO ROI
  • Defining the PMO Value Proposition
  • PMO Models - Throughput vs. Cost Containment Model

Managing PMO Success

Getting The Buy-In for The PMO
PMO Controls & Metrics

  • Internal Control & Limitations
  • Successful Key Controls
  • The Control Environment
  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Project Level Key Controls

Change & Risk Management
Knowledge Retention & Communication
Status Reporting and Dashboards

PMO Challenges

The 3 Ms - Measure, Manage & Magnify

  • Internal Control & Limitations

PMO Rescue & Recovery Methods

  • Rescue/Recovery Checklist
  • Project Fraud

PMO Next Steps

  • Establishing the PMO Roadmap
  • The Advanced PMO 2-Year Plan
  • The PMO Toolkit
  • The PMO Tool Box
  • Attributes of a Successful PMO
  • Enterprise Project Management Systems/To


  • At Jadarat, we believe that human understands more by engagement, by action. You get the best understanding of anything by trying it, thinking about it, talking about it, not by listening to a trainer and watching a presentation. In this work shop you will learn by educational games, community of practices, job assignments, action learning, storytelling, as well as classrooms, and storytelling.


  • Before the course, Jadarat assessment center will provide you with international, highly credible assessments that will measure your interpersonal skills, and give you a fruitful report that will help you improve your interpersonal skills, understand every employee needs, passion, communication style, and improve your ability to deal with every employee according to his character. You will also warm up for the course by doing some activities, and answering some questions in order to get ready for the training.


  • After finishing the course, you will test your knowledge by answering an assignment. This will let you know which areas you have a good understanding of, and which ones you need to understand better.


  • You can replay the same course within 6 month and we are committed to full money back guarantee if the delegate's satisfaction is less than 85% in this course.

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Jadarat is established to develop the leadership and innovation capacity of individuals and corporates in the Middle East. Our prolonged relations with our loyal customers are achieved through our commitment to quality in content, joyfulness in delivery, and excellence in operation. We guarantee unforgettable learning experience, holistic approach to leadership development, and innovative learning interventions that assure lasting change for our clients.

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