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    At the end of this stage you can understand commonly used sentences and expressions that relate to different fields (such as information about your person and your family - shopping - work - environment). You can also communicate in simple routine situations, which deal with the smooth and direct exchange of information about familiar things. You can also talk about your home, the education you received, your surrounding environment, and general needs, using the simplest means of expression Updated on 27 June, 2018

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    Bradford offers university teaching for all engineering, medical, accounting and business administration disciplines. All you have to do is choose the required material and we will contact you directly. The best engineers and distinguished lecturers will be selected with more than 5 years of university teaching experience.
    Bradford is focused on providing courses to support university students in the fields of engineering and practical, with a number of modern programming courses and workshops to keep up with the labor market in addition to the programs of preparing the newly graduated engineer for most engineering sectors.
    Bradford is interested in the development and programming of mobile applications, including the design and programming of the application and linking it with the websites, in addition to providing marketing solutions, including marketing and deployment of various mobile applications and upload them on the Google Play platform and Apple Store platform, as well as linking the application with social media to increase sales and meet all needs.

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