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The field of advertising has become one of required fields in the labor market in Egypt and the Arab World, and is regarded as an indispensable factor in marketing process. It is well known that the main pillar of the successful advertising is a professional designer who produces drawings and paintings (graphics) and this is one of the objectives of this Diploma


Photoshop CS6 Core

Customize Photoshop CS6 workspace

  • Recognize the variations of file formats provided by Photoshop and their advantages
  • Select appropriate resolutions for different image and output types as well as resize and crop image areas
  • Create and manipulate multiple layers to compose images easily
  • Select image areas for editing and compositing images
  • Isolate image areas and create masks
  • Retouch images
  • Learn how to use Photoshop drawing tools efficiently
  • Use Photoshop’s painting tools to create artworks
  • Add texts & effects to the design
  • Prepare files for printing
  • Creating 3D objects

Illustrator CS6 Core

  • Customize Illustrator CS6 workspace
  • Recognizing the variations of file formats provided by Illustrator and their advantages
  • Draw and understand the root of drawing in Illustrator
  • Create a powerful artwork using simple shapes
  • Accurately place objects in the Illustration window
  • convert bitmaps to vector artwork with Live Trace
  • Color images with Live Trace & Live Paint
  • Create and manipulate multiple layers to compose objects easily
  • Add text
  • Add effects

InDesign CS6

  • Dealing with Adobe InDesign CS6 Interface.
  • Customizing the program workspace.
  • Manipulate documents with multiple pages.
  • Dealing with pages and spreads.
  • Draw simple and compound objects.
  • Use Master Pages and numbering pages.
  • Dealing with Frames and Pages
  • Use text and styles
  • Working with colors and effects
  • Using graphics
  • Deal with table of content and Index.
  • Prepare document for printing.
  • Export file for web.


Photoshop CS6 Core

Getting to Know the Work Area

  • Using Tools
  • Using Options
  • Using Palettes
  • Customizing the Workspace

Files Handling

  • File Saving
  • File Opening
  • Understanding File Formats

Working with Selections

  • Understanding Selection
  • Using Rectangular Marquee
  • Using Elliptical Marquee
  • Using the Lasso Tools
  • Using Magic Wand

Editing Images

  • Understanding Digital Images
  • Defining Resolution
  • Understanding Image Modes
  • Retouching Images

Adjusting Image Colors

  • Adjusting Brightness & Contrast
  • Adjusting Hue, Saturation & Lightness
  • Matching Colors of Different Images
  • Practicing Image Editing

Drawing & Painting

  • Using Pencil and Brush
  • Customizing Brushes
  • Loading Brushes
  • Drawing Custom Shapes
  • Drawing Paths
  • Getting Path Drawing Skills
  • Using Painting Tools
  • Practicing Different Painting Methods
  • Feathering Painted Areas
  • Applying Opacity to Colors
  • Using Gradient Tool

Using Colors

  • Understanding Colors
  • Recognizing HSB
  • Recognizing RGB
  • Recognizing CMYK
  • Recognizing Lab

Using Layers to Compose Images

  • Adding Layers
  • Customizing Layer Properties
  • Applying Layer Opacity
  • Duplicating Layers
  • Aligning Layers

Working with Texts

  • Using Type Tool
  • Understanding Type Layer
  • Editing Text
  • Controlling Text Font & Size
  • Controlling Leading and Kerning
  • Protecting Text (Anti-Aliasing)

Applying Special Effects

  • Understanding Filters
  • Categorizing Filters
  • Using Filter Gallery
  • Applying Filters
  • Fading Filter Effects

Preparing Document for Printing

  • Preparing for Printing
  • Page Setup
  • Printer Setup
  • Locating Artwork on Printed Page
  • Resizing Printed Design

Creating 3D Objects

  • Craet 3D object from a layer
  • Export 3D object
  • Modify the Light of 3D object


The Graphic Diploma is intended for everybody who enjoys experimenting with creative design for advertising and who wants to learn how to build their own basic website design

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