Learners Point Training Institute Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign) Learners Point Training Institute
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Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.
  • Duration / Course length: 40 Hours
  • Timings: Flexible

    Course details

    OVERVIEW: Graphic Design course is a highly coveted course that provides a fundamental understanding of graphic designing using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign tools and techniques. The Graphic Design course in Dubai introduces professionals to the basics of graphic designing and visual communication. Photoshop courses in Dubai elaborate on topics of color theory, typography, layout design, photography, logo design, and branding.


    Market Trends:
    Due to the rapid development of internet marketing, fields like Graphic Design are experiencing unprecedented growth. Based on a report by IBISWorld, the industry had a revenue of $15 billion in 2019 with a growth rate of The outbreak of the global pandemic has rendered companies to be more reliant on fields like Graphic Designing prompting a boom in career opportunities for Graphic Designers in the market.

    Salary Trends: Graphic Design in Dubai is a highly sought-after and well-compensated field. In the United Arab Emirates, Graphic Designer(s) may observe a salary hike of approximately 10% every 2 years. The average salary of a Graphic Designer in the UAE is AED 12,300 per month.

    Demand and Opportunities: Market growth for Graphic Designers is bound to expand over the next five years due to the growing global economy, sustained consumer and industrial growth in emerging markets, and technological developments. Being ranked 9th in the Global Business Activities and growing at the rate of annually, this industry is in need of talented Graphic Designers.


    Adobe Photoshop

    Photoshop Introduction   
    • Photoshop Repairing and Replacing Images
    • Photoshop Interface
    • None Destructive Workflow
    • Control Bar
    • Photoshop Panels
    • Photoshop Techniques
    Photoshop Repairing and Replacing Images
    • Clone Tool (remove or replace part/s of an image
    • Healing Brush (fix damages to part or whole of image)
    • Red Eye Removal
    • Content-Aware Fill
    Photoshop Repairing and Replacing Images
    • Grids / Guides / Rulers
    • Print v Pixel
    • Image Resize / Resolution / Artwork sizing
    • Rotation
    • Transformation Tools
    • Working with Crop Tool
    Photoshop Layers
    • Understanding Layers
    • Creating, Editing, Shuffling Layers
    • Merging & Flattening Layers
    • Layer Palette
    • Fill Layers
    • Adjustment Layers
    Photoshop Practicalities
    • Working with Multiple Images
    • Understand different Image Modes
    • Photoshop Keystrokes
    • Working with Views
    • Window >Arrange
    • Window >Workspace
    • Image Formats
    Photoshop Colour
    • Working with Colour
    • Colour Modes
    • Colour Harmony
    • Colour Replacement Brush
    • Hue and Saturation
    • Colour Balance
    • Black and White Mode
    Photoshop Filters
    • Filter Gallery
    • Liquify
    • Oil Paint
    • Vanishing Point
    Photoshop Brushes
    • Working with Brushes
    • Creating Brushes
    • Brush Tool & Mixer Brush
    • Brush Presets
    Photoshop Selection & Selection Techniques
    • Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Magic Wand,
    • Feathering Selections
    • Expanding / Reducing Selections
    • Modifying / Transforming Selections
    • Quick Masks
    • Save / Load a Selection
    Photoshop Automation
    • Contact Sheets
    • Batch Processing
    • Photoshop Merge & Panoramics
    • Blending Panoramas
    • Editing Panoramas
    • Automation Options
    Photoshop Masking
    • Quick Masks
    • Quick Mask Mode
    • Creating Accurate Masks
    • Adding to & Removing from a Mask
    Photoshop Round tripping
    • Placing Photoshop files in DTP software
    • Editing Photoshop Files
    • Save / Load a Selection
    Photoshop Type
    • Creating Type
    • Editing Type
    • Type Masks
    • Type & FX Effects
    • Shaping Type
    • Type & Good Design
    Photoshop Colour
    • Colour Palettes
    • Colour Models, CMYK, RGB, LAB
    • Gradients, creating & editing
    • Mixing & matching Colour
    • Pantone’s & Spot Colours
    • Colour Profiles
    • Adobe InDesign
    Getting started with InDesign
    • Creating and saving a document
    • New document setup
    • Tools / panels
    • Document navigation
    • Placing images
    • Editing images / graphic frames
    • Image formats
    • Graphic frames
    Tab Handling
    • Tab palette
    • Tab characters
    • Editing tabs
    • Adding leaders  
    Colour Panels
    • Working with Colour
    • Colour Modes
    • Colour Swatches
    • Changing / Matching Colour
    • Understanding Colour
    Smart Layout
    • Grids & Guides
    • Smart Guides
    • Align & Distribute Objects
    • Rulers (Zero Point)
    Text frames
    • Formatting Text frames
    • Text frame properties
    • Text frame – multi column setup
    • Aligning to Grids
    • Placing External Text (Word, RTF)
    • Paragraph & Character Formatting
    • Typography & Layout /Tracking /Kerning /Leading
    • Create Outlines
    • Accurate Type for Print
    • Baseline Grid / Grid Properties
    • Align to Baseline Grid /Align First Line
    • Bullet Points
    • Customizing Bullet Points
    • Adding Leaders
    • Adjusting Spacing
    • Setting Bullets as Styles
    • Creating Nested Bullet Styles
    • Applying Character Colour /Style to Bullets
    Object Graphic Styles
    • Designing Graphic Styles
    • Adding to Object Graphic Styles Panel
    • Editing Object Graphic Styles
    • Graphic Styles to Frames
    • Saving /Importing /Editing
    Type & Images
    • Working with Text & Images
    • Working with Text Wrap
    • Clipping Paths
    • Removing Backgrounds for Text Wrap
    • Text Insets
    • Preview
    • Preflight & Package
    • Export (print) to .PDF
    Adobe Illustrator
    • Meet Adobe Illustrator
    • Tool Panel & Tools
    • Palettes Overview
    • Control Bar
    • Views
    • Working with Preferences
    Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools
    • Bezier Pen
    • Adding /Removing Anchor Points
    • Joining / Cutting Paths
    • Knife /Scissors /Shape /Eraser /Smooth
    • Pen Drawing Techniques
    • Curves & Angled Corners
    Adobe Illustrator Selection Tools

    Adobe Illustrator Colour

    Adobe Illustrator Type Tool

    Adobe Illustrator Shapes

    Adobe Illustrator Images

    Adobe Illustrator AutoTrace

    Print Options
    • Understanding Print Jobs
    • Print to .PDF
    • Print to Professional Bureau
    • Troubleshoot Print Issues
    • SDCF

    Upon completion of our Graphic Design training program, the candidate will be able to:
    • Understand the basic principles of visual communication and graphic designing
    • Plan, design, and create projects using critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    • Use visual, verbal, and written techniques to communicate effectively
    • Describe how design affects viewer comprehension by facilitating extraction from elements
    • Use the principles and elements of visual design, color theory, the hierarchy of information, and typography to create visually appealing experiences

    Our Graphic Designing courses in Dubai are accredited by ISO 9001: 2015 and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

    ALUMNI: Our academy graduates of Graphic Design course Dubai are successfully placed in some of the top-notch companies in Dubai like Jumeirah, Aramex, Airarabia, Damac, Emaar, etc. They are entrepreneurs, career changers, and lifelong learners. Updated on 17 January, 2022

    Eligibility / Requirements

    This Graphic Design training is suitable for professionals who want to pursue a career in graphic design. There are no prerequisites to enroll in this Graphic Design course in Dubai; however, basic computer skills and understanding of visual communication will be an added advantage.

    About Learners Point Training Institute

    LearnersPoint, Dubai, is one of the top professional skill development institutions in the Middle East with close to 2 decades of industry experience in helping organizations achieve progressive and sustainable results. Whether you’re managing top-notch technology initiatives, developing your talent pipeline, we offer customizable and time-tested learning solutions that arm you for success. As an innovator in best-practices training products and services, our portfolio of training solutions ranges from IT, project management, logistics and supply chain, human resources, finance and accounting, digital marketing, autodesk products, office administration, ERP solution, and also includes high end courses like cloud technolgies, blockchain, strategic management and mini MBA. LearnersPoint is affiliated by KHDA, Government of Dubai and is also one of the institutes to have a prestigious recognition from CPD UK. Choose from in-person or live online classroom training, we will deliver nothing but the best.

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