Good & Best Procurement Practices: Improving Workflow & Preparing Organization for E-Procurement Petro Training - Malaysia
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In this program you will learn about...

This comprehensive program empowers participants with the: Current Best Practices in Key areas of Procurement.

Last few years have seen the greatest transformation in Procurement Tendering practices than had happened in the last 100 years.  

Quality Assurance, TQM, IT and E-Procurement Business Models have evolved that have dramatically increased procurement effectiveness and reduced procurement costs to upto 10% of what they used to be!! (900% savings on 95% of procured items). Experience of the leaders tell full story:  British Telecom, BP, Oil Producers and Refiners, Utilities, Automobile Giants all have implemented Procurement Systems to dramatically make similar saving. 

This program also prepares you for

  • Improving your Current Workflow to bring it in line with Industry Best Practices and
  • Preparing to Implement E-Procurement in your organization.

A Must-Attend program for Procurement and Management Staff. A great opportunity to exchange ideas with other procurement professionals from your area.

Program Content

Week 1

Understanding Organization Procurement Objectives

Understanding Organizational Procedures

Legal Contractual Understanding for Procurement Professionals

Understanding Customer Expectations from Procurement

  • Internal Customers

             - User Departments

             - Management

  • External Customers
  • Ultimate Users

Step-by-Step Quality Implementation Methodology

  • Meeting the Customer's Stated Needs
  • Meeting the Customer's Real Needs
  • Meeting the Customer's Expectations
  • Exceeding the Expectations of Customers

Good and Best Practice Procurement Processes

  • Competitive
  • Non Competitive Procurement

Procurement Prequalification Process

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About Petro Training - Malaysia

The adage that “knowledge” is power holds very true in this industry. In order to maximize results we are constantly updating and upgrading ourselves. This commitment to ongoing skills development is one of the reasons we are success, the belief that there is a “better way to do things” is what motivates us each and every day. By aligning with us you are going to benefit from our years of expertise in real world scenarios. Classroom learning is great but there is no substitute to real world experience which is what we are bringing to the table.

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