• Getting Global Strategy Right prepares corporate leaders to strategically manage the pressures and challenges of a semi globalized world.
  • Presenting a detailed framework for evaluating and capitalizing on cross-border business opportunities, the program prompts you to rethink your company’s country and industry analyses within an international context.
  • Seizing new opportunities worldwide by learning to develop strategies that help your company outperform global competitors.

Main Topics

  • Identifying current levels of cross-border integration.
  • Leveraging a performance measurement template for international strategy.
  • Finding a middle path between total localization and standardization.
  • Enhancing local responsiveness, scale economies, and corporate efficiency.
  • Operating effectively in and across different countries.
  • Developing and applying diverse strategies to different business elements.

Target Group

Senior executives or teams of executives with responsibility for significant global operations, multiple product lines, or global product divisions.

To become a leading institution in providing a package of value added services; all bundled together for the purpose of achieving organizational excellence and maximizing human assets outputs.

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