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This is a summary of the objectives for level B1.  A comprehensive list can be found in the Common European Framework of Reference.  The objectives describe what a participant should be able to do in the language at the end of a level B1 course. 

Sociolinguistic Appropriateness

  • To be able to perform and respond to a wide range of language functions, using their most common exponents in a neutral register.

Listening Comprehension (LC)

  • To be able to understand the main points of clear standard speech on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure etc., including short narratives.

Reading Comprehension (RC)

  • To be able to read straightforward factual texts on subjects related to his/her field and interest with a satisfactory level of comprehension. 
  • To be able to find and understand relevant information in everyday material, such as letters, brochures and short official document.
  • To be able to recognise significant points in straightforward newspaper articles on familiar subjects.

Spoken Interaction (SI)

  • To be able to exploit a wide range of simple language to deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling. 

Spoken Production (SP)

  • To be able to reasonably fluently sustain a straightforward description of one of a variety of subjects within his/her field of interest, presenting it as a linear sequence of points.
  • To be able to give straightforward descriptions on a variety of familiar subjects within his field of interest.
  • To be able to relate details of unpredictable occurrences, e.g., an accident.
  • To be able to briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions, plans and actions. 
  • To be able to give a prepared straightforward presentation on a familiar topic within his/her field which is clear enough to be followed without difficulty most of the time, and in which the main points are explained with reasonable precision. 
  • To be able to take follow up questions, but may have to ask for repetition if the speech was rapid.
  • To be able to initiate, maintain and close simple face-to-face conversation on topics that are familiar or of personal interest.

Written Interaction (WI)

  • To be able to write personal letters and notes asking for or conveying simple information of immediate relevance, getting across the point he/she feels to be important.

Written Production (WP)

  • To be able to write straightforward connected texts on a range of familiar subjects within his field of interest, by linking a series of shorter discrete elements into a linear sequence.

About Languages Unlimited Services Ltd

Languages Unlimited Services is a language school located in Clontarf, Dublin and offering a wide range of language services such as corporate language training, private language courses, interpreting, translations, grinds and much more.
Their goal is to help you to break the one remaining barrier betTheyen you and your foreign business partners, that is knowing their language in order to communicate better with them.
They will give you the tools to break this barrier through their tailor-made language training schemes. Their objective is not only to teach you the language within our language school and classes, but also the terminology relevant to your business, the appropriate register of language according to the situation you are confronted with as Theyll as cultural particularities. Thus, you will be better equipped to deal with your foreign business partners, with a great advantage: their consideration and trust.
They provide their corporate and private clients with tailor-made training and translations in all major languages. All our trainers are native, qualified and experienced. Moreover, they have a good knowledge of the business world as Theyll as...  a sense of humour!
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