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German Language Course in International Accredited Training center in Pyramids Area with a German expert Instructor. You will learn German interactively.

German Course Stages

  • You will have a placement test to determine your German Level.
  • Course Level Duration is 24 Hours.
  • When you finish the level, you will have an exam to make sure you benefited from the course and your German level deserves to go through the next level.

About Informia Training Center Where you will have your German Course 


Making a positive change in everyone's life (Inpiduals and Corporates)  A change we seek by offering courses and training in varied areas. We also help candidates with Job Opportunities.

Informia Training Center works with inpiduals in the areas of self development skills, customer service, language skills and presentation effectiveness.

Participate with us for the following reasons:

  • Internationally accredited by IAO organization
  • Interactive Learning Tools.
  • Experienced top trainers for the topic.
  • Enjoy a snack in your break.
  • Top equipped training rooms.
  • It’s your place. We will be supporting you even after you finish your course. It would be our pleasure to help you progress in your life.
  • We offer you jobs after finishing your course. You don't get only training courses, you get job vacancies you seek.

Informia started its training business in May 2013 offering trainings to individuals and corporates which has been doing successfully with valuable good feedback that mirrors the slogan “the Change for a Colorful Future”.

Informia is an IAO certified Organizations.

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