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The Basics

  • Understand Gerber AccuMark sequence of operations.
  • Learn Data Input - How pattern shapes are digitised and entered in the pattern making system.
  • Work with Gerber menu items to develop, modify, check and finalise pattern pieces.
  • Understand menu, sub-menus and functions to develop pattern making in the system.
  • Understand data management, import/export and moving/deleting data.
  • Create models to industry standards and run them through the AccuMark processes.
Creating, Saving, Digitizing & Backing Up
  • Create new pieces through the Create Piece Menu.
  • Group existing pieces together and create a new Model File Editor in Pattern Design.
  • Determine piece identifications for digitized pieces.
  • Create a Grade Rule Table for digitizing purposes.
  • Practice Digitizing a Closed Piece and a Mirrored Piece.
  • Verify Digitized Data and view pieces in Pattern Design.
  • Seam allowance and notches.
  • Label a cut line for production
  • Edit grade point
  • Offset line
  • Shorten or length an internal line
  • Drill hole
Manipulating Blocks
  • Create new pieces from drafting
  • Create piece by Trace function
  • Darts manipulation
  • Get to know all measuring tools
  • Rotation pieces and line
  • Flip pieces
  • Create straight line, curve line, and flatten line segment
  • Assign rule table
  • Snap to Geometry
  • Trace asymmetrical pieces
  • Grading map
  • Grading Rule table data
  • Marker order
  • Calculate yield/ efficiency/ block facing/ bump line
  • Split/combine marker
  • Scale
  • Shrinkage
  • Remove grading
  • Resizing
  • Mini marker
  • Export zip
  • Convert data
  • Costing chart
  • Measurement chart

Updated on 03 August, 2017

Eligibility / Requirements

No prior experience required to take this course.

Job titles this course is suitable for

This 16-week module examines every aspect of pattern making and grading using Gerber AccuMark Pattern Design software (V10) and focuses on specific job responsibilities often assigned to apparel pattern makers and graders. Rather than focus solely on software commands, this class incorporates invaluable insight gained from the professor’s extensive experience as an industry insider. Lessons, exercises, and quizzes focus not only on teaching the software, but also on preparing students to be successful industry professionals. This module also covers pattern creation, drafting, digitizing, plotting, knock offs, data conversion, technical specification sheets, and costing of markers. Some manual pattern making experience is recommended to take this course. sheets, and costing of markers.

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Fashion Design, Technical Designer, Pattern Maker

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