iEnglish has a dynamic ten-level course for international English communication and features:


    • Learner-Supportive Instruction
    • Memorable Conversation Models
    • Real Language
    • Exceptional Multimedia
    • Learner Supported Grammar
    • Vocabulary Development
    • Daily Confirmation of Progress

MISSION: To provide the best possible English education and testing in a nurturing environment that models integrity and excellence. 

VISION: Setting an ideal example of remodelling by showing initiative, modifying the perception of training while, redesigning and replacing the conventional old approach with new and modern English training. 

Established in 2007, iEnglish is one of the rare English training institutes accredited by the UAE Knowledge and Human Development Authority. Furthermore we have specific tie-ups and/or associations with some of the major publishers such as Pearson Education, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and more.

We make English unforgettable through instructional design which includes multiple exposure methods to the English language, opportunities for practicing verbal communication, and an enormous amount of recycling. The result is an iEnglish-level of communicative competence.

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