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Process engineering is at the heart of much of the chemical, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. It requires familiarity not only with chemical engineering principles, but also with many of the other engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical and instrumentation. The process engineer is interested in the transportation and transformation of solids, liquids and gases. Of specific importance are separation processes including distillation, heat transfer, hydraulics and fluid flow, reaction engineering, but also process control and economics.

The Goals

This seminar focuses on the central areas of process engineering and guides the delegates in developing both fundamental and practical understandings of key issues. Workshop examples will be drawn from the oil and gas processing, petrochemicals and chemical manufacturing industries.

The Process

In addition to formal lectures and discussions, the delegates will learn by active participation through the use of problem-solving exercises, group discussions, analysis of real-life case studies, and industry best practices.

The Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, the delegates will develop both fundamental and practical understanding of central issues in processes used in oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical, and allied facilities.

The Results

The seminar provides a practical introduction to the fundamentals of process engineering thereby developing perspective and focus from a company viewpoint.

The Core Competencies

Key competencies include practical understanding of essential process units and classes of units involved in separations, heat exchange, and reactions as well as hydraulics and fluid flow. Delegates will be able to perform relevant calculations and analyses to assist in operation, sizing, and troubleshooting.

The Programme Content

Introduction and Fundamentals of Process Engineering

Process engineering basics

  • Mass and energy balances
  • Batch and continuous processes
  • Reactor types
  • Process equipment and flow diagrams
  • P&IDs


Electrical area classification

Risk Management and Hazard Studies

Hydraulics and Fluid flow

  • Pressure and head
  • Bernoulli's theorem and its field applications
  • Flow of liquids
  • Reynolds number and pressure drop in pipes
  • Two-phase and multi-phase flow

Enthalpy and thermodynamics

Principle of process relief devices and process design of relief systems

Principles of pressure vessel and piping design




Mechanical Equipment - Types and application guidelines

Heat Transfer and Reaction Engineering

Heat Transfer

  • Thermal conductivity
  • Conduction and convection
  • Insulation
  • Heat transfer coefficients and calculation
  • Heat exchangers, type and sizing
  • Steam reboilers
  • Condensers and sub-cooling
  • Introduction to energy recovery

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

Chemical reactions

Reaction kinetics

Introduction catalysis

Green Chemistry and Engineering

Reactor Design and Operation

Distillation Processes and Equipment

Distillation basics

  • Phase behavior and vapor/liquid equilibria
  • Gas/Liquid separation

Distillation equipment - Columns and vessels

Columns and vessels - Sizing and selection guidelines

Column and vessel internals - Types and selection guidelines

Troubleshooting of process equipment

Separation Processes and Equipment

Overview of Other Separation Processes

  • Absorption and adsorption
  • Amine sweetening
  • Solid Liquid separation
  • Effluent treatment [in refinery and petrochemical] industries

Process Control and Economics

Process Control Basics

  • Classification of control systems
  • Measured variables
  • Simple feedback control

Process Economics

Preliminary economic analysis

Fixed and variable costs, break even analysis

Calculating raw materials usage

Estimating the cost of process equipment and plants

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