Fundamentals Of Applied Engineering Management Texas A&M University Qatar

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The objective of this course is to expose technically trained individuals with 2 or more years industrial-governmental experience to the basic principles of managing within a technical organization and to better prepare individuals with technical backgrounds for progressions upwards into management and or project management positions. The course will point out the distinct diefferences between general management and management of technical functions. As will be shown, the management and direction of scientists and engineers involved in technical functions is quite different and challenging with respect to general management functions. While the two types of management (general vs. technical) share some common features it is the objective to focus on the specifics of the management of technical activities ranging from research and development to the analysis of industrial projects and leading technical-based teams to achieve the goals of the overall organization. Specific emphasis is placed on the human element and emphasise the fostering creativity and innovation, aspects of motivation and leading of technical based teams.

Course Outline

  • The environment of engineering management
  • Planning for technical activities
  • The basics of organization and organizing for technical activities
  • Staffing and training for technical activities
  • Aspects of creativity and innovation
  • Motivation of technical professionals
  • Leadership and the leadership pipeline (moving up the ‘ladder’ of the technical organization.)

For each topic a mini case will be assigned and time will be allocated to discuss each case as the case relates to the topic just presented. The objective is to foster sharing and group interactions, discussions, and debate which serve to enhance the learning experience. Relevent handouts and powerpoint slide sets for each topic will be provided to all attendees. At the conclusion of the presentation of the topics shown above each individual will be asked to compose a short report and give a brief oral presentation to the other attendees communication their respective work experiences and how the topics have related or could relate to their respective jobs.

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