Fraud Investigation 'Becoming Skilled'
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    Fraud has now reached unprecedented levels.  As a crime, fraud has evolved massively and now runs along widely-ranging differing lines of schemes, types and ways of committing it.  Attacks against banks and financial institutions remain at the forefront of fraud and economic crime.

    This 3-day programme addresses a crucial element of identifying fraud activities and investigating them.   The main theme of the training is to give confidence in fraud investigation and overcoming challenges that they can present, ranging from small or simple cases, to large complex or multi-involvement cases.

    The programme is set out in 3 main sections: fraud awareness, concepts and critical thinking; problem solving, skills vs process, and practical investigation skills.


    At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to: 

    • Demonstrate new and accurate knowledge of fraud and money laundering. 
    • Identify the main sources of attack from fraud criminals against banks. 
    • Confidently enter into investigations of differing levels of complexity and achieve positive and sound results.

    Training Methodology:

    The programme will include presentations to form a base of knowledge.  Topical case studies and thorough but enjoyable problem solving activities will then be introduced to measure professional development and reach learning objectives.   We build capacity and confidence throughout the course to apply new skills and knowledge in your organisation.

    Who Should Attend?

    All those who perform a role with direct contact with fraud activities  and dangers, and those equally with a supporting role which involves fraud investigations.

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    Ian Ross is a dynamic and skilled counter- fraud and corruption expert with 30 years experience, bringing a balanced skill-set between investigations, preventative measures and risk assessment, and high calibre training.

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