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These courses are designed to prepare students for the Adobe Certified Expert exam in Flash CS6. In the Advanced course, students will learn the fundamentals of ActionScript and object-oriented programming. They will learn to plan and manage Flash projects, and how to work with text, load external content, and use ActionScript code libraries. They will also learn how to add video and audio to their applications. Finally, students will learn how to debug and test applications, and how to publish to different platforms, including Adobe AIR and HTML5.

Course Outline

Planning and managing Flash projects

  • Topic A: Flash platforms
  • Topic B: Flash projects
  • Topic C: Working with the Flash library

Introduction to ActionScript

  • Topic A: ActionScript language fundamentals
  • Topic B: Object oriented programming

Content and Libraries

  • Topic A: Working with text
  • Topic B: Loading external content
  • Topic C: ActionScript libraries

Adding video and audio

  • Topic A: Adding video and interactivity
  • Topic B: Adding and synchronizing video

Testing and publishing

  • Topic A: Debugging Flash applications
  • Topic B: Testing mobile applications
  • Topic C: Assessing and simulating performance
  • Topic D: Publishing to Adobe AIR
  • Topic E: Publishing to HTML5

Appendix A: ACE Exam objectives map

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By keeping pace with the contemporary benchmarks of learning, training and skill development, NAHDA International Academy aims to incorporate the advance employment of the modern day converged technologies to maximize the development of its students. The learning and training is carried out in a manner to ensure the global standards of current era's requirements of education and professionalism. The Academy safeguards the concept of active, creative and interactive learning with the provision of vigorous and productive environment.

To enable its pupils to have a stand-out future and fortune, NAHDA International Academy has collaborated with high ranked Schools, Universities, reputed experts of knowledge and technology, professional trainers and development enthusiasts. The Academy is known for its quality education and innovative environment enriched with passion and inventiveness. The educating process is carried out in a way that empowers the individual to exhibit his/her very potential by protecting that individual's unique pattern of thinking and creations. 

To meet the present day demands of integrated world and education, NAHDA International Academy has partnered with the world class Universities and institutions around the world including the universities of United Kingdom, United States of America, Europe, Asia and Africa e.g. Frederick University, London School of Marketing, The University of Northampton, The University of Bedfordshire, Atlantic International University, EduQual, Excel High School, Alliance International University This attribute of NAHDA International Academy contributes to be the reason of it managing to stand tall in the highly competitive environment in the region.

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