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Updated on 08 November, 2015

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Overview File types

  • Raster vs Vector format
  • Start page
  • Stage
  • Timeline
  • Toolbox
  • Palettes
  • Essential Preferences
  • Controlling the workspac

Drawing and Colour

  • Drawing with the Pencil tool
  • Modifying lines
  • Drawing with the Pen tool
  • The Oval and Rectangle tools
  • The free Transform tool
  • Modifying and optimizing shapes
  • Working with the Brush tool
  • Selecting with the Lasso tool
  • Working with the Eyedropper tool
  • Using the Color Mixer
  • Creating Gradients
  • Adding and importing colors to the Color Swatches panel
  • Grouping and Ungrouping
  • Object based undo

Animation Essentials

  • Movie properties and frame rate
  • Timeline, Frames and Keyframes
  • Inserting, copying, deleting and reversing frames
  • Testing movies
  • Frame by Frame animation

Shape Tweens

  • Shape Tweening Overview
  • Shape hinting
  • Shape Tweening Text
  • Editing multiple frames
  • Animating gradients
  • Libraries, Symbols, and Instances
  • Working with the Library
  • Arranging Movie Assets
  • Creating Symbols
  • Covert to Symbols

Motion Tweens

  • Motion Tweening Overview
  • Creating a motion tween
  • Tweening effects
  • Motion Guides
  • Motion tweening text
  • Easing in and out
  • Custom easing controls


  • Creating a mask layer
  • Animating a mask


  • Text overview
  • Text formatting and options
  • Aliasing
  • Spell checking
  • Find and Replace

Using Bitmap Images

  • Importing bitmap images
  • Compressing bitmap images
  • Bitmap fills
  • Tracing bitmaps
  • Changing Opacity

Filters and Blend Modes

  • Working with Filters
  • Working with Blend Modes

Button Symbols

  • Button overview
  • Creating basic buttons
  • Rollover button
  • Rollover button with down state
  • Invisible buttons

Movie & Graphic Symbols

  • Movie & Graphic Symbol Overview
  • Symbol properties
  • Nested Symbols


  • What are Components?
  • The UI Scrollbar Component


  • Importing Sound
  • Supported formats
  • Adding sound to buttons

About New Horizons Egypt

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