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Price: AED 312

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    We provide the preparation of the course in two levels: pre-iBT and ;
    Pre-iBT course: (42 hours) will raise your up to the level of English language that will prepare you for the IBT course, also it will focus on test-taking strategies through listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities.
    IBT course: (42 hours) same content as the previous one with extra practicing on exam questions on computer.
    For more information please visit our website ; Updated on 29 April, 2018

    About Khashaba Academy

    Khashaba Academy for Training Services ( KATS ) is a training center provides about 20 different courses varies in duration and content according to the candidates. Our mission in the Arab market is to facilitate learning to whom might be interested via 3 different chanels :
    1. On site
    2. Online with fixed schedule
    3. Online on customer's  pace.
    Finally,  we hope to be one of the most popular service provider in this field. 
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