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Word 2010 Core
Chapter 1: Office Workspace Basics
• Basic Window Elements 
• Exploring Microsoft Office Backstage 
• Working with the Ribbon 
• Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar 
• Working with KeyTips 
• Using the Status Bar 
• Getting Help 

Chapter 2: Introduction to Word
• What is Word? 
• How to Open a Document 
• Changing Views 
• Navigating Documents 
• How to Create Documents 
• Using Templates 
• Saving Documents 
• How to Close Documents 

Chapter 3: Creating and Editing Text
• Entering Text 
• How to Select Text 
• Moving and Copying Text 
• Using Repeat, Undo, and Redo 
• Using AutoCorrect 
• Inserting Symbols 
• Inserting Fields 

Chapter 4: Formatting Text 
• Introduction to Formats and Styles 
• Applying Font Formats 
• Text Alignment 
• Changing Indents and Spacing 
• Working with Tabs 
• Applying Styles 
• Modifying Styles 
• Revealing and Clearing Formats 
• Using the Format Painter 

Chapter 5: Designing Page Layouts 
• Exploring Page Layout Options 
• Changing Margins 
• Adding Sections and Page Breaks 
• Creating Columns 
• Adding Bullets and Numbering 
• Applying Borders and Shading 

Chapter 6: Working with Graphics 
• Inserting Pictures 
• Resizing and Moving Pictures 
• Inserting Shapes 
• Using WordArt 
• Adding Text Boxes 
• Creating Charts 
• Inserting SmartArt enhanced 

Chapter 7: Creating and Formatting Tables 
• Creating a Table 
• Converting Text to a Table 
• Formatting a Table 
• Modifying the Table Layout 
• Using Table Templates 

Chapter 8: Refining Document Content 
• Exploring the Research Task Pane 
• Using the Thesaurus 
• How to Find and Replace Text 
• Correcting Spelling and Grammar 
• Using Word Count 
• Working with Document Properties 
• Adding a Hyperlink 

Chapter 9: Collaborating on Documents 
• Adding Comments Co-Authoring 
• Tracking Document Changes 
• Reviewing Tracked Changes 
• E-Mailing Documents for Review 
• Combining Reviewed Documents 
• Using the Document Inspector 
• Creating Folders 

Chapter 10: Printing and Converting Documents 
• Using Print Preview Screenshot Capture/Insert 
• How to Print Documents 
• Printing Envelopes and Labels 
• How to Save Documents in Different Formats 
• Saving Documents as Web Pages 
• Converting Word 97-2003 Documents 
  Updated on 04 April, 2019


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