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    Pipeline systems for oil and gas industry play important role in modern industrial operations. The purpose of this training course is to present basic characteristics of efficient operation of pipelines in various engineering applications.
    The delegates will be introduced to main points of inspection and testing according to relevant API ; They will also develop familiarity with methods of cleaning and other maintenance activities, including necessary repairs as prevention of failures.
    The programme will include several workshops with real problems from industrial practice which will enable discussions and exchange of experiences.

    By attending this training course, you should achieve these goals:
    • Identify basic principles of safe operation & efficient maintenance of pipelines for various industrial applications
    • Develop deep understanding & familiarity with the practical aspects of operation and maintenance activities
    • Illustrate the concepts discussed and be provided with necessary experience in applying them
    • Use & follow the guidelines & best industrial practices related to operation, control, inspection & testing of pipelines
    Updated on 29 April, 2019

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