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    The FISH! Team Building for Customer Service Teams training workshop aims to improve your customer service team through implementing the FISH! philosophy. This training course teaches participants the effective use of FISH tools on how to serve customers' requirements, proper interaction between team members and becoming proactive to help achieve an effective team.

    This training course teaches you how to professionally serve customers, how to treat other co-workers and how to become more proactive in creating a more effective environment. It also incorporates role plays, case studies, exercises, videos and games that demonstrate teamwork, motivation, correct customer care and services that requires human interaction.

    This one-day workshop aims to boost productivity, achieve great business results and improve the culture and relationships in an organization based on the four concepts or practices created by Chart House Learning:

    FISH! promotes four primary philosophies:

    • Being there when needed,
    • a "play" mindset at work,
    • making your people's day by making them feel good through simple actions,
    • choosing your attitude.

    Now available throughout Singapore, this FISH! Team Building for Customer Service training course can be delivered by our expert local or international trainers at your chosen venue and schedule.


    • FISH! has been called an antidote to cynicism, depression, burnout and anger. Our clients are using it for nearly every issue facing business today: leadership, orientation, teamwork, retention, creativity, customer service, quality improvement, change — anything involving human interaction.

    By the end of this course, participants will:

    • develop a shared vision of how to serve customers, internal and external
    • clarify common values of how to treat each other
    • recognize new opportunities to make a positive difference for others
    • become more proactive in creating a more effective environment


    • FISH! Team Building for Customer Service Teams is a one-day workshop that empowers your customer service team to embrace the FISH! Philosophy and build a highly effective customer service culture. By allowing your customer service staff to attend the course, you will begin the process of building a high performance culture within your customer service team.


    Lesson 1 


    • The four FISH! practices

    Lesson 2 
    Practice 1: BE THERE

    Be there builds relationships by:

    • Being fully 'present' with customers and co-workers
    • Listening to understand your customers and co-workers
    • Taking action based on awareness

    Lesson 3 
    Practice 2: PLAY

    Play encourages creativity and fun through:

    • Curiosity - learn how curiosity unleashes creativity in a customer service setting
    • Freedom to innovate - learning to be free to "try things out" as a team
    • Freedom to be you - learning to be your natural self in any customer service setting
    • Trust and the playing field - setting the boundaries
    • Creating an environment of play in a customer service setting

    Lesson 4 
    Practice 3: MAKE THEIR DAY

    Make Their Day reminds us to serve customers and co-workers by:

    • Learning to value and recognise customers as people
    • Learning to be genuinely selfless toward customers
    • Learning to be aware of your customers needs - creating a delightful atmosphere

    Lesson 5 

    Choose your attitude helps you in a customer service setting to:

    • Practicing to become aware of your attitude toward customers
    • Making a conscious choice - are your choices and attitudes helping your team and customers?
    • Live in alignment with your intentions - learning to be ancored to a customer service mindset

    Lesson 6 
    Taking a closer look

    • Assess how your customer service culture is living each of the "four practices"

    Lesson 7 
    How well do I live the practices?

    • Short test on how you live the four practices

    Lesson 8 
    Top of mind issues/team solutions

    • Identify a list of top of mind issues
    • Identify ways to address these issues

    Lesson 9 
    Action planning

    • Identify tangible customer service goals that impact others
    • Learn to put in place accountability measures to improve success of your customer service initiatives

    Lesson 10 
    Want to form a habit?

    • Creating a 21 day habit forming calendar

    Lesson 11 
    Your life title

    Lesson 12 
    Beyond the workplace self-survey

    • Looking at how you live the four practices in life

    Lesson 13 
    What's possible now?

    • Finding the limitless possibilities with the four practices

    What's in the Fish! team building pack:

    • 1 x Pete the Perch per Participant
    • 1 x Fish! Pen per Person
    • 4 x Workplace Posters
    • 4 x Who Are you Being? Posters
    Updated on 23 November, 2017

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