Beacon FinTrain Fintech , Blockchain & Big Data Beacon FinTrain
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  • Duration / Course length: 10 Hours
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    Course details

    Module 1
    Introduction to Fintech

    •FinTech Transformation
    •FinTech Evolution : Infrastructure
    •FinTech Evolution : Banks
    •FinTech Evolution & : Startups and Emerging Markets
    •FinTech Typology
    •Emerging Economics: Opportunities and Challenges
    •Introduction to Fintech Trends

    Module 2
    Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology

    •Discovering Blockchain Technologies
    •The Promise of Business Blockchain Technologies
    •Types of Blockchain
    •Blockchain: Beyond the Hype
    •Blockchain Disrupting Financial Sector

    Module 3
    Data & TechFin & Big Data

    •Big Data in Financial Services
    •European Big-Bang: PSD2 / GDPR
    •Digital Identity
    •AI & Governance
    •Challenges of Data Regulation
    •Data is the New Oil: Risk of Breach Updated on 05 October, 2020

    About Beacon FinTrain

    Beacon FInTrain  : The Leader in Financial Training Certificates & Workshops , we gained a cumulative experience of more than 11 years in finance feild through radiating treasury and investment knowledge.
    Having realized the value and importance of financial modeling, Blockchain and digital finance in today’s business world.

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