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There is no doubt that financial dimension represents a vital side of any managerial decision. The highly dynamic business environment of today requires the executive to expand his/her knowledge into a multi-faceted decision making base – especially financial knowledge - to strive towards more sound decisions and therefore crucial business repercussions. Acquiring financial knowledge shall provide rationale to the managerial decisions, and guarantees synergy between the different departmental activities with the ultimate company’s objective of value maximization.

Course objectives

After finalizing this course executive will be able to:

  • Analyzing the basic elements of financial statements
  • Using the evidence in financial statements to make a financial decision.
  • Evaluate investment opportunities financially
  • Understand the role of the working capital in the company
  • Monitoring and controlling the critical components of working capital (Cash, Accounts Receivables, and Inventory)

Course Methodology

  • The knowledge and skills transfer depend on three main tools; in class hands on training, computer based applications, and case Studies

Day I

Basic Concepts in Financial Management

Economic & Financial Environment

  • The Key Financial Statements
  • Interpretation of Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss
  • Account and Cash Flow Statement.
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Analyzing Annual Report & Financial Ratios
  • Innovative Techniques for Financial Analysis
  • including Du Pont Chart
  • Using Financial Information to Manage the
  • Business
  • Using excel for financial statements analysis

Day II

Working Capital Management

  • Working Capital Management
  • Working capital management overview
  • Working capital estimation and Cash flow management

Accounts Receivables Management

  • Defining the quality of trade account
  • Estimating Length of credit period
  • Evaluating the cash discount
  • Designing firm collection program
  • Using Excel for credit policies optimization Inventory Management
  • Calculating total inventory cost
  • Economic order quantity
  • Calculating the safety inventory quality and ordering point


Cost Concepts and Job Costing

  • Cost concepts and decision making
  • Strategic perspectives in Financial Management including brief introduction to the concepts of Break Even Analysis, Activity Based Costing and the Balanced Scorecard
  • Budgeting Process & Budgetary Control
  • Budget overview
  • Budget objectives, responsibility, assumptions and timetable
  • Budget Preparation problems & resolves

Income statement budget:

  • Operation Revenues
  • Other Revenues
  • Budgeting main Cost elements (Material, Manpower
  • Operation Costs
  • Others Costs


Cost Concepts and Job Costing

  • Balance Sheet budget:
  • Inventory
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payable
  • Loans (STL, MTL, LTL)
  • Dr& Cr Balances
  • Equity
  • Budget revisions
  • Budget monitoring & controls
  • Variances Analysis
  • Practical Methods, Techniques and Tools in budget preparation, using Excel for budgeting design and evaluation.

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Organizing training programs and management conferences in Egypt. . Consulting Services in: Financing, investment, managing local and international investment, feasibility study and strategic planning. . Valuation of the projects, the companies and assets.
Our company will be honored to cooperate with you in these fields by providing the organization of programs needed. All These training programs are organized in Collaboration with the American university in Cairo, Ain Shams University and Cairo University. 
Having a cooperation protocol the company count on several international Companies and offices and experienced professors of the Egyptian University and industry officers.
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