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Due Diligence is an investigative-review or audit, prior to an investment transaction which aims to confirm that all material facts related to the potential investment are correct. The aim is to reduce the probability of unnecessary harm to either party involved in the transaction. It encompasses any procedure or steps taken at a client’s request, or due to regulatory requirements, or even as part of an entity’s operational policy. It provides assurance or comments regarding assertions made by third parties in financial statements, prospectuses or other offering documents. The financial due diligence audit for prospective business acquisition is one of the most common types of due diligence operations in world.

This course is designed to help you focus on the skills necessary for presenting your findings to the Board of Directors and it covers several topics which will help you enhance the effectiveness of your due diligence process. Participants will apply their skills to a case study which is based upon a real life example. It has been designed to enable you to gain practical experience in performing a due diligence investigation as part of an integrated team.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate and comprehend the depth and perspective of financial due diligence audits, even though the approach in gathering evidence/work performed is relatively similar to statutory audits
  • Ascertain and deal with critical areas in a financial due diligence audit
  • Use a framework for reporting on a financial due diligence audit

Course Outlines:


  • Definitions
  • Types of due diligence

The Transaction Process

  • Enquiry management and determining the scope
  • Initial value assessment
  • Pre-bid and data room investigations
  • Full access
  • Completion and reporting

Financial Due Diligence

  • Accounting policies
  • Analyzing information in a limited and full access situation
  • Forecasts and projections
  • Sensitivity and trend analysis

Commercial Due Diligence

  • Business analysis models
  • Strategic business objectives
  • Core business processes
  • Support processes

Presenting the Findings To The Board Of Directors

  • Developing the contents of a due diligence report
  • Key negotiation and integration matters

Basic Valuation Techniques

  • Corporate valuation techniques
  • The relationship between due diligence and valuation

Driving For Post-Deal Success

  • What acquirers do to enhance value from acquisitions
  • What challenges acquirers face in taking control of the target business
  • European versus American and Asian approaches to acquisition

What Can Corporate Acquirers Learn From Private Equity?

  • What corporate acquirers can learn from private equity’s positive performance

Benchmarking Merger and Acquisition Teams

  • Secrets of successful teams
  • Benchmarking your team’s approach and skills against the industry

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