Financial Crisis Management American University in the Emirates (AUE)
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Course Overview

This two-day professional training program is delivered by qualified business continuity experts who will give students the confidence and knowledge to handle a variety of incidents. Practical exercises and theory cover everything from training and formingtheirr own Incident Management Team to crisis communications and they will learn how to measure and manage the impacts of incidents, whether operational or financial.

Program Objectives

Upon successfully finishing this professional training program, trainees should be able to accomplish the following:

  • Understand what defines an incident and how this impacts one's business
  • Learn how an incident can escalate if not managed.
  • Be able to form and train an Incident Management Team.
  • Know how to put together an Incident Management Plan.
  • Be confident managing crisis communications.

About American University in the Emirates (AUE)

AUE Vision

AUE is dedicated to be one of the leading liberal higher educational institutions, providing an integrated pathway for students to become creative, effective, and productive members of the community

Strategic Focus

The 21st century University is ideally an arena for the provision, discussion, internalization and further development of knowledge, as well as a trainer of young minds, transmitting a culture of lifelong learning, affirming social values, responding to environmental demands, developing research competences, providing training and public service.

AUE’s leadership team works closely with faculty members and administrative units to exemplify the vision and mission of such a university, applying best practices, while adapting to dynamic environmental change. As a result of its positioning and transformational strategies, AUE continues to build upon its strengths and exploit its opportunities effectively, realizing their vision and fulfilling its mission, while focusing upon quality assurance and enhancement..

Since AUE’s inception in 2007, with an ever-increasing number of students each year, the University has engaged in a long-term strategic planning process. This allows for continuing growth, while affirming the values of strong academic and professional standards, equality of opportunity, integrity and leadership that is intent upon maintaining social, cultural, and religious values as well as environmental sustainability.

AUE continues to establish itself as a globally competitive institution of higher education, maintaining high-quality in its academic activities through consistent attention to quality assurance and institutional effectiveness, as well as efficient financial management. The University remains committed to fostering a research-intensive culture and knowledge transfer through student-centered activities.The University is passionate about ways of identifying and implementing solutions to the multiple social, environmental, economic, security and environmental challenges of the current millennium.

The University’s overarching goal is to implement their vision and mission in such an excellent manner as to ensure that AUE is recognized as a notable regional University by 2025. To this end, AUE seeks to build regional and international strategic alliances with a number of selected, highly regarded universities around the globe, for collaborative purposes that include the pursuit of best practices in teaching and learning, academic internationalization, joint research and development, and means of most effectively addressing national, regional and global environmental, security, political, cultural, religious, economic and social responsibilities.


  • To offer quality and career-oriented academic programs to meet market demands
  • To prepare students for pursuing their higher education to further their knowledge and skills
  • To provide holistic education
  • To establish and enhance interrelationship among the universities, business and communities
  • To develop knowledge, based on basic and applied research in various fields of study
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