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Knowing financials, especially concerning meeting financial objectives, is one of the essential skills in business.

You need to speak the language of finance if you want to succeed in business. Understanding the numbers in your business opens up a world of opportunity. Get a grip on the figures without needing a lengthy and expensive formal qualification.

As a non-financial professional, you need to quickly understand and distinguish good information from poor-quality information, otherwise, your decisions may adversely affect business performance and your career prospects.

This course is designed with a practical view to finance. It's suitable for professionals at all levels and entrepreneurs alike.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to understand and use financial statements
  • Including; profit and loss, balance sheets and cash flow forecasts
  • Budgeting and forecasting techniques to improve decision-making
  • How to use Key Performance Indicators (KPI s) effectively
  • How to appraise an investment using financial techniques
  • The best way to develop a business plan

Updated on 19 February, 2020

About Excel with Business

Formed in 2009, Excel with Business was created by founders Marc, Vin and Chris to solve a problem close to their hearts – ineffective Microsoft Excel training. As three Strategy and Management Consultants they understood the importance of being able to apply MS Excel skills in a business context. The main issue was that too many Excel courses were focussing on the software functionality rather than how that was applicable in business. They taught everything, creating long and laborious courses – rather than focusing on the most business-relevant parts of Excel… so an idea was born:
A business relevant Excel training course that was affordable and personalised to each person taking it.

The first Excel course quickly attracted over 100,000  users. Fast forward a few years and we have expanded our focus on improving personal productivity and helping people achieve their career ambitions through a comprehensive library of 50+ Microsoft and Business training courses. The principles of getting the right training to the right user remain and has become more sophisticated through the introduction of the filter on many courses.

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