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  • Participants play all the major roles in an operating company - production, R&D, sales and marketing, management and finance - to get first-hand experience with. 
  • Team decision-making in each area.
  • Generating financial statements.
  • Preparing budgets and forecasting cash flow.
  • Calculating basic ratios.
  • Comparing operating income and ratios to that of competitors.
  • Implementing change and measuring results.
  • Using ratios and other measurements to identify the 'buttons' which drive company performance and behavior.
  • Taking initiative in everyday activities leading to reductions in costs, inventories and working capital.
  • Working creatively with customers and suppliers.
  • Interpreting operating reports and financial reports. 
  • Prioritizing and controlling costs. 
  • Targeting profit opportunities. 
  • Using historical and competitive bench-marking to improve your bottom line. 
  • How to better serve internal and external customers.
  • Seeing how actions impact other areas of the company vision.

Job roles this course is suitable / will prepare you for

This programme assists all professionals who are willing to work in Finance Departments but do not possess a Finance background.

About Solid State Training Solutions

Our story began with a belief in continuous improvement, and a strong desire to again and sustain, and that emerges with "Empowering partners for a better tomorrow" our Slogan.
At Solid State Training Solutions, we help our clients align their training needs with the business goals and objectives, as well as the company's values and cluture. We tailor our training programs to match your organization's needs, either by adapting an existing program or, developing a new one. and to assist you with one or more steps in the development processes such as consulting, training needs, training assessment, and implementation & evaluation.
Our training programs aim at providing the proper guidance for the employees, on how to optimize the resources of the employer for better results at their regular working environment.
Our Team
Solid State Training Solutions houses a team of highly motivated, energetic and talented trainers, commited to helping organizations achieve outstanding levels of performance. Our team is dedicated to partnering with our clients and strategic business partners, in order to provide the best resources to help our clients achieve their business goals.

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