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Updated on 05 June, 2016

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Finance and Capital along with Management and Staff are the lifeblood of any business.

This programme focuses on the advanced skills necessary for making sound financial decisions in an increasingly competitive, volatile and global market. Skills and decisions which will enable your company to remain competitive, minimise costs, maximise revenues and also reduce/control risk.

The programme therefore focuses on the key areas and skills required:

Financial Planning and Control:- devising and controlling financial plans fit for the future

Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering:- how to finance the business

The Cost of Capital and Capital Investment Appraisal:- calculating and controlling the cost of capital using WACC and CAPM and maximising the Return on Capital and minimising risk by evaluating potential projects using the latest techniques

Financial Analysis:- evaluate financial data in order to:

  • Assess past performance
  • Identify business Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Implement and Evaluate Performance Measures
  • Aid the Strategic Planning Process

Business Valuation - Mergers & Acquisition Decisions

The Goals

As a result of attending this Programme, participants will:

  • Develop the Essential Advanced Skills of Financial Forecasting Budgeting and Control using Excel  and the latest software to develop various forecasting models including Time Series Models, Exponential Smoothing, Regression and Correlation Analysis
  • Analyse complex capital investment and financing decisions and provide recommendations for action using appropriate discount rates based on WACC and CAPM by applying Payback, ARR, NPV, Discounted Payback, IRR and MIRR using Excel  including where capital is rationed/limited
  • Identify the key success factors/critical factors in their industry/division to evaluate current and future market/competitive trends in order to identify future Opportunities and Threats
  • Conduct advanced financial analysis using Excel  and the very latest techniques/methods that result in developing financial strategies and plans
  • Conduct company valuations with a focus on merger and acquisition decisions

The Process

The course is highly interactive involving the analysis and evaluation of practical case studies and the discussion/debate of current issues, policies and procedures. It will be conducted along workshop principles to ensure the development of transferable skills as well as knowledge, fully supported with notes in hard copy and on CD.

The Benefits

As a result, attending delegates will:

  • Develop their professional skills
  • Increase their knowledge of the latest policies and procedures
  • Make more informed and hence better decisions
  • Increase their importance to their organization
  • Be better placed to liaise effectively with other departments and colleagues regarding current practices and issues affecting the banking sector

The Results

By sending delegates on this course, the organisation will:

  • Successfully build an integrated financial team
  • Gain new finance skills in line with the latest international practices which will help to make more informed and hence better management decisions
  • Increase knowledge of the latest policies and procedures which can be shared amongst other departments of the company
  • Facilitate the continuous and radical redesign of business processes to international standards
  • Ensure the finance culture permeates throughout the entire organization

The Core Competencies

  • Enhanced knowledge of Finance:- financial planning, sources and uses of finance and the analysis of performance
  • Financial Management:- the ability to manage liquidity and international finance
  • Capital Investment Appraisal: - the ability to make sound investment decisions
  • The latest techniques for evaluating financial and operational performance
  • The ability to evaluate merger and acquisition possibilities

The Programme Content

Financial Planning

Financial Management & Financial Planning - the Scope, Role & Responsibilities of Financial Management

Preparing a Financial Plan - The Master Budget

Forecasting Future Cash-flows

  • Time Series Analysis
  • Correlation & Regression

Financial Modelling

Sensitivity/What If Analysis

What-If Analysis combined with Du-Pont Analysis

Corporate Finance & Financial Engineering

  • Raising Finance using traditional sources of Equity & Debt
  • Evaluating the impact of Equity & Debt finance
  • Money Market Instruments & Bonds
  • The Concept of Financial Engineering
  • Raising finance, trading and hedging using financial engineered instruments
  • The Dividend Decision: - whether to pay dividends or not

The Cost of Capital & Capital Investment Appraisal

The Cost of Capital

  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

The Capital Investment Process

Capital Investment Appraisal


Accounting Rate of Return (ARR)

Net Present Value (NPV)

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Capital Rationing

Asset Replacement Decisions

Controlling the Cost of Capital and the use of Derivatives

Financial Analysis

The Role & Responsibilities of Financial Analysis and Management

  • Identifying key success factors in your industry sector
  • Financial review compared to targets and expectations and Variance Analysis
  • Financial performance measurement systems

Ratio Analysis to evaluate Profitability, Liquidity, Operations and Leverage

Du-Pont Analysis and Financial Modelling

Altman and Z scores: - quantitative models to assess risk

SWOT, PEST & Porter: - incorporating non-financial analysis

The Analysis and Evaluation of Case Studies using Excel  in order to:

Assess past performance

Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Improve Decision Making relating to future:

  • Divisional/Individual Performance
  • Capital Expenditure
  • Investment Opportunities

Implement and Evaluate Performance Measures

Aid the Strategic Planning Process

Valuation, Merger & Acquisitions

Business Valuation

  • Definitions of Value
  • Value to the Investor
  • Value to Shareholders

Evolution of Value-Based Methodologies

Creating Value in Restructuring and Combinations

Business Valuation for Merger & Acquisition

Business Restructuring and Reorganisations

Management Buy-Outs and Management Buy-Ins.

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The adage that “knowledge” is power holds very true in this industry. In order to maximize results we are constantly updating and upgrading ourselves. This commitment to ongoing skills development is one of the reasons we are success, the belief that there is a “better way to do things” is what motivates us each and every day. By aligning with us you are going to benefit from our years of expertise in real world scenarios. Classroom learning is great but there is no substitute to real world experience which is what we are bringing to the table.


Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said “price is what you pay but quality is what you get” and that expression is very true. With use we understand that your time is very valuable and you only want the best and most current industry related knowledge which is what we bring to the table.  Instead of giving you massive amounts of inaccurate or outdated information you get precisely what you want, the most current knowledge so you can make truly informed decisions that will directly impact productivity and your bottom line. When results are what you are looking for then the choice is clear, we are your partners in success.


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