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Eve was the mother of human kind. A true leader who understood her natural talent, skills and abilities and used those with correct guidance and cooperation in order to reach the ultimate objective of populating the earth: not an easy task to say the least. Since the early beginnings, women all around the world often struggle with how to develop their leadership styles and effectively heighten their power and status within an organization. In facing the challenges of managing their careers to maximize professional and personal goals, women may have issues relevant to their gender that deserve specific attention, exploration and development.

However, there are still some unique features of a country like the UAE and Emirati culture which needs to be understood before one addresses the concept of leadership for women relevantly, in this context. This 4-day program aims to work within the cultural boundaries of the Emirati culture values where the new generation of women are active participants in building their country however at the same time embrace, adhere to and respect their traditions and religious obligations.

With this in mind, 'Hawa' Leadership Development for Women, was created by Samineh I. Shaheem, an assistant professor of psychology who specializes in researching the Emirati cultural identity. Combining concepts associated with human behavior in the organization with an emphasis on cultural concerns,

It is vital for Emirati women to recognize, understand, and transform common business and social/cultural barriers into developmental opportunities for themselves and those they work with. Through a combination of theoretical ideas and interactive exercises, this unique program allows women to explore structures and strategies in order achieve their goals in ever changing and dynamic work environments.

Course Outline

Tree of knowledge

  • Lose yourself to find out who you really are
  • Re-discover your identity
  • Explore where you're headed
  • What is your purpose in life
  • Gender and culture

Tackling our inner snakes

  • Anxieties that hold us back
  • Stress
  • Women and confidence
  • Work life balance
  • Managing guilt
  • Rethinking resistance

Dealing with 'Adam'

  • True definition of cooperation
  • Working with (not against) differences
  • Networking
  • Different styles of communication between men and women
  • Emotional Intelligence

Apple Wisdom

  • Nurture and develop your workforce
  • Inspire and enable others to act
  • Reward and recognize the efforts of others

Creating your garden of life

  • Career building strategies
  • Personal action plan
  • Making practical commitment
  • Personal organization
  • Celebrating wins, one step at a time

Expected Accomplishments

  • Capitalize on strengths and create advancement opportunities through a personal action plan
  • Develop a leaders strategic and creative outlook
  • Find your voice
  • Express ideas and opinions in a confident manner
  • Determine how to better assess and motivate the performance of subordinates
  • Learn to face and dissolve conflicts
  • Lead change and promote innovation through an organization
  • Utilize networks to gain important information

About Kawader

Kawader is a learning and development institute licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai (KHDA) that helps people grow in so many ways. It is a place where they combine theoretical information and practical exercises to create memorable and impactful experiences that drive towards learning, behavioral change and business outcomes.

At Kawader, their mission is to prepare people to work in a multicultural environment, face new challenges, critically assess business issues and contribute to a brighter future for their organizations.

their consultants are energetic, experienced and committed leaders in learning. They have worked in a wide range of industries including telecommunications, universities, banking, transportation, governmental agencies, health care, media, and hospitality.

their focus is on using innovative, engaging learning methods to reach favorable outcomes. they work as partners with their clients to develop new insights and building capabilities that make a difference.

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