Etiquette of Professional Quality Managerial Communication Skills Protocol & Etiquette Academic Centre of Excellency

Training Outline

Effective International Managerial Communication Skills

As they serve being the vehicle to understand & be understood

Communication Defined

The Communication SPRITE

  • The Significance
  • The Process
  • The Rules
  • The Intrusions
  • The Types
  • The Effects

Forms of Communication

  • Verbal
  • Visual
  • Written
  • Non-Verbal

Working towards Better Communication

  • Self Management
  • Active Listening
  • Useful Body Language
  • Effective Questioning

Effective Communication in Application

  • The Art of Positive Self-Expression

Target Audience

  • Top management team members
  • Middle management
  • Office managers
  • Marketing staff members
  • Public relation staff members
  • Leaders and supervisors
  • Group is not to exceed fifteen participant


  • Video tapes
  • Games
  • Case studies
  • Group exercise
  • Group discussion
  • Rote play

It is the sole and pioneer Protocol and Etiquette Academic Centre of Excellency in the Middle Eastern market. It is newly implemented in the training domain to provide training, recruitment. and business development and consultations to any organization in the Middle East.

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