Essentials of Visual Modeling with UML 2.0 Compex

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Learn the basics of Object-Oriented (OO) development using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.0. Get an introduction to concepts such as abstraction, polymorphism, and encapsulation and learn how these concepts are the foundation of OO software development. Learn what a class and an object are and how they can be used to build software. Explore the UML 2.0 and learn how to use some of the basic elements of UML.

Note: There is neither Rational Rose nor Rational XDE training incorporated into this methodology course.

  • Introduction to object technology
  • Principles of visual modeling
  • Concepts of OO
  • Use-case modeling
  • Interaction diagrams
  • Class diagrams
  • Other UML diagrams


This is a basic course for:

  • Client/server and Web developers moving into OO development or simply upgrading their skills to meet today's demand for OO savvy developers. Learn the principles behind the technology and lay the foundation for advanced object technology topics, tools, and practices
  • Data modelers who need to better communicate with object modelers using one tool, methodology, and standard notation. Further, as the industry moves to object-based modeling of data for relational and object relational databases, lay the foundation needed by data modelers new to OO software development and UML
  • Members of the real-time community who want to make a paradigm shift to OO design and development and who need to acquaint themselves with the UML 2.0. Real-time developers who have not made significant use of state charts and want to learn how they can be applied to produce a solid OO design for real-time systems. Designers and developers who want to think object even when traditional structured implementation languages are used
  • Software managers who need to be conversant in key OO concepts to better work with team members and lead OO related projects 

Skills Taught:

  • Describe the basic principles of OO
  • Describe the history and current application of object technology
  • Explain what the UML represents
  • Explain abstraction, encapsulation, modularity, and hierarchy
  • Describe the physical structure of a class
  • Explain the relationship between a class and an object
  • Define polymorphism and generalization 

Course Outline:

  • Basic principles of OO
  • History and current application of object technology
  • What the UML represents
  • Abstraction, encapsulation, modularity, and hierarchy
  • Physical structure of a class
  • Relationship between a class and an object
  • Polymorphism and generalization

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