Enterprise Data Recovery Professional (EDRP) by EC-Council ADEPT
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    This course teaches you the methods in identifying vulnerabilities and takes appropriate countermeasures to prevent and mitigate failure risks for an organization. It also provides the networking professional with a foundation in disaster recovery principles, including preparation of a disaster recovery plan, assessment of risks in the enterprise, development of policies, and procedures, and understanding of the roles and relationships of various members of an organization, implementation of the plan, and recovering from a disaster. 

    This course takes an enterprise-wide approach to developing a disaster recovery plan. Students will learn how to create a secure network by putting policies and procedures in place, and how to restore a network in the event of a disaster.

    Training Content:

    • Introduction to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 
    • Nature and Causes of Disasters 
    • Emergency Management 
    • Laws and Acts 
    • Business Continuity Management 
    • Disaster Recovery Planning Process 
    • Risk Management 
    • Facility Protection 
    • Data Recovery 
    • System Recovery 
    • Backup and Recovery 
    • Centralized and Decentralized System Recovery 
    • Windows Data Recovery Tools 
    • Linux, Mac and Novell Netware Data Recovery Tools 
    • Incident Response 
    • Role of Public Services in Disaster 
    • Organizations Providing Services during Disasters 
    • Organizations Providing Disaster Recovery Solutions 
    • Case studies

    Included in the course:

    • 5 days Training with EC-Council Accredited Instructor 
    • EC-Council e-Kit with Course Materials (Hardcopy available upon request) 
    • Certificate of Participation 
    • Official EDRP Certification from EC-Council 
    • Exam fee is included 
    • 98% Exam Pass Rate
    • Tips & Tricks to pass the exam
    • Pass Guarantee* - If you fail on the first attempt, a 2nd exam is free of charge
    Target Audience:

    Network server administrators, firewall administrators, systems administrators, application developers, and IT security officers.

    Advantage with ADEPT:

    Adept is a global training company with offices around the world, certifying over 100,000 professionals since 2004. We are a fully-accredited training and certification company specializing in Information Security, Information technology, Governance, Project Management, & Skills Training. Some of our clients include Ernst & Young, Deloitte, HP, IBM, GE, Symantec, Etisalat, Tata Communications, Abu Dhabi Police, and many more. In addition, we can cover a wide range of training requests, including custom and corporate training, with multilingual trainers all over the world. 

    • 11 Years of Expertise 
    • 100,000+ Certified Professionals 
    • 300+ Support Staff 
    • 50,000+ Certified Security Professionals 
    • Accredited Training Organization 
    • Accredited Courseware Provider 
    • Accredited Faculty 
    • 100% Test Pass Guarantee 
    • WiFi Enabled, acoustic classrooms 
    • Efficient pre- and post-training support 
    • Multi-lingual, multinational trainers 
    • Global presence

    About ADEPT

    Adept completes 10 years of delivering Training to Businesses and Individuals in the year 2013. Our focus is to provide ‘world class’ training to our customers and ADEPT is today one of India’s Leading training company.

    We have a globally accredited selection of Vendor authorized training and certification programs. Having delivered training for over 100,000 professionals across the globe, Adept is the preferred training partner for many training companies worldwide.

    • Gold Partners with EC-Council for 11 Years
    • Over a Decade of Expertise
    • EC-Council Accredited Faculty
    • Accredited Training Organization
    • Accredited Exam Center
    • Accredited Courseware Provider
    • 100,000+ Certified Professionals
    • 300+ Support Staff
    • 15,000+ Security Professionals
    • Certified Instructors with an Average of 10 years experience, all working for top companies
    • Training customized to YOUR role and career goals!
    • 98% Exam pass rate!
    • Referral discounts available if you bring a friend 
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