"Why Should I Learn English?"  5 Compelling Reasons for English Learners:

  • English is one of the most widely spoken languages.
  • English will open up more opportunities for you.
  • English will make you more desirable to employers.
  • English gives you access to some of the world’s best universities.
  • English gives you wider access to knowledge.

How do you learn English at KIPS:

At KIPS we have a very effective and practical English language learning system specially designed for teen agers, young adults, and professionals, by keeping in view the most modern pedagogical methodology in Language learning.

  • Carefully selected course books with well-organized lessons.
  • Motivating topic discussions related to the interest of Language learners.
  • Lively dialogue presenting real spoken English.
  • Special emphasis on vocabulary building.
  • Extensive coverage of grammar using more practical learning methodology.
  • Systematic development of spoken language through role play techniques.
  • Presentation skills development through Variety of practical learning.
  • Confidence building techniques learning.
  • Learning  techniques of pronunciation through phonetics and phonology.
  • Accent building techniques to speak better English.

English Language Learning Courses:

  • English language beginners level  (2 Months)
  • English language intermediate level (2 Months)
  • English language advanced level ( 2 Months)

The KARACHI INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES has been Providing Computer Training Services.We offer a wide range of Sort term and Long term Customized Training Courses suitable for small medium and large sized organization . Starting from basic computer literacy to Advanced Levels in Programing .Hardware ,Networking ,Multimedia recourses and applications.

  • Authorization & Affiliation from Different Inter national & Govt . Board
  • Tanning Via Multimedia Project
  • Flexible Class Scheduling

A commitment to “ innovation in Teaching “ is the Moto of KARACHI INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES. We Share Industry relevant Experiences both within class & beyond class taught by our Expert Faculties that leads you to from Beginners to Professional .

We have several IT Training Programs approved Government Bodies, Job oriented. Industry relevant Requirement as well as international Certifications.


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