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    This course is designed to gear and engage the Trainees with the fundamental tools for the Business English. The aim of this course is to develop trainees' ability to read and understand basic English texts based on general commercial or industrial topics and formal business letters.

    This is an interactive lecture-discussion type of teaching. As such, our English for Business programme will use a modern Communicative-Based Teaching (CBT) style of learning that encourages the use of natural and contemporary Business English language. It is expected that the trainee will demonstrate the ability to write apt and accurate English which is suitable for its intended purposes.

    Course Content:

    Syllabus Topics:
    1. Writing on a subject matter of general commercial or industrial interest.
    2. Summarizing a passage on a general commercial or industrial topic.
    3. Writing a business letter in an official capacity to an organisation, concerning a straightforward business problem/transaction.

    Course Objectives:

    At the end of the course the Trainees will be able to:
    • Write apt and accurate English suited to the stated purpose
    • Understand and write English using formats that are current and common in business communication
    • Adopt the tone, form, layout, content and composition appropriate to the requirements of a given situation
    • Understand spoken and recorded Business English at the defined level
    • Participate in conversations

    Teaching Aids:

    • How to Pass English for Business (Second Level): LCCI Publication
    • Business English Internet Sites
    • Audio and Video disc
    • Picture clips
    • Projectors
    • White Boards and Markers
    • Flash Cards
    • Library Textbooks

    Trainee Activities

    • Class oral discussions
    • Take-home assignments
    • Class individual presentations

    Course Audience:

    Applicable to individuals who are able to communicate in the medium of general commercial or industrial topics with only minimal assistance or supervision.

    Course Pre-Entry Requirements: (Recommended)


    Course Suggested Progression:


    Course Location

    About Al Moalem Institute

    Al Moalem Institute (Bahrain)
    For nearly a quarter century, Al-Moalem Institute (AMI) has started delivering its noble mission which is training and developing human resources in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arabian region.
    This is an essential national mission, thus, we have reaped its benefits through all who have participated in Al-Moalem Institute long or short term programmes. AMI has trained over 50,000 candidates over this period and still it offers its programmes seeking for the best and
    Excellency, benefiting from the best experts and consultants with high knowledge and experience, and from the provision of international professional certifications and accreditations.

    The prominent vocational training reference and provider for career advancement and professional development in nationally and regionally.

    Committed in providing quality and excellent training services, management advisory and be a pacesetter in providing advanced and modern strategies in training delivery and management by providing best resources and specialized and internationally recognized trainers.

    Core Values

    • Transparency
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Credibility
    • Result-Oriented
    • Passion for Excellence
    • Innovation
    • Teamwork and Cooperation
    • Continuous Improvement

    Our Services

    • Organization and implementation of courses and specialized training programs and professional.
    • Design programs and workshops, especially depending on the nature and working environment of customers.
    • Implementation of training and collaboration with other international organizations.
    • Organize forums, conferences and cultural events.
    • Identification and analysis of training needs.
    • Design and engineering standard and program excellence for organizations.
    • Training and guidance of job seekers in preparation for the Arab market.
    • Assess and conduct career orientation and vocational guidance.
    • Management consulting, financial and design of functional organizational structure.

    Areas of Expertise

    • Human Resources Programs
    • Project Management 
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Business Excellence and Quality Management Systems
    • Information and Communications Technology
    • Engineering (i.e CADD Courses, Primavera and Staad Pro Training)
    • Occupational Safety and Health
    • General and Business English Language
    • Soft Skills


    • 25 Years of Excellence Provision of Human Resources Development
    • First Institute Certified with ISO 9001 Quality Management System in the Kingdom of Bahrain
    • Granted by Tamkeen to provide the biggest Arabic Leadership Training Programme
    • Awarded an Excellence Performance for Quality Assessment by the Ministry of Labour
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