Smart Ways Business English: Writing and Communication Smart Ways
Price: AED 1,500

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    A course to suit specific needs combining skill training with professional language development that you need to succeed with your work. It covers writing email, letters, meeting minutes and all parts of report writing; as well ass providing a progressive syllabus on the process of writing: planning, note-taking, drafting and checking. In addition, specific communication skills are focused on including negotiating and apologising.
    A course of 15 sessions covering the following skills:
    1- Requests and Enquiries
    2- Notes, minutes, invitations and  complains.
    3- Arrangements.
    4- Reports.
    5- Negotiations.

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    SMART WAYS offers a variety of programs and tools to help children train crucial brain skills such as memory, concentration, problem-solving, processing speed, language, and visual-spatial recognition.

    On the other hand, we offer ARABIC and FRENCH classes besides our unique Junior Business Programs, Business English and English courses for Ladies. 

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