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Topics Covered: 

First Module (Basic)

  • Introduction & History
  • Proper endodontic terminology to pulpal and periapical diseases.
  • The cellular basis for pulpal and periapical disease.
  • Endodontic diagnostic procedure
  • Troubleshoot anesthesia difficulties in endodontic.
  • Clinical Examination and Assessment of an Endodontic Patient
  • Radiographic Examination and Interpretation
  • Presenting a Treatment Plan to a Patient
  • Managing the Apprehensive Patient
  • D/d of tooth ache
  • Endodontic Instruments and Equipment
  • Value of Magnification
  • Guidelines for Rubber Dam Use
  • Access Preparation and Orifice Identification
  • Nomenclature of Niti alloy instruments design and how to use make most benefit of it
  • Endodontic cleaning and shaping & different most recent techniques
  • Management of difficult root canal anatomies
  • 3d Root Canal Irrigation
  • Strategies to Reach the Root Apex
  • Single-Visit vs Multiple-Visit Therapy
  • Inter appointment Temporization
  • Final Steps beforeObturation
  • Obturation of radicular space & different techniques
  • Rotary Endodontics
  • Know how to diagnose and treat endodontic emergencies.
  • post-operative sequelae
  • diagnosis and treat perio-endo lesions.
  • Infection and Success Rates
  • Endodontic vs Implant Therapy for a Single Tooth

Second Module (Advanced)

  • Curriculum
  • Endodontic failures and retreatment
  • Retrieval of accidents-instrument breakage using different techniques
  • Management of traumatized tooth-pulp
  • Removal of posts using different techniques
  • Diagnose and treat internal and external resorption.
  • Diagnose and treat vertical fractures of teeth.
  • Differentiate, diagnose and treat traumatic injuries,
  • Pulpal regeneration using different techniques and identifying different elements 
  • used (Scaffolds growth factors and Stem cells)
  • Revascularization and apexo-gensis
  • Vital pulp therapy and pulp capping
  • Medical Evaluation and Antibiotic Precautions
  • Odontogenic and nonodontogenic differential diagnosis
  • Adhesion in root canal
  • Locating and Opening the Mineralized Canal
  • Managing the obstructed canal
  • Mishaps During Root Canal Shaping
  • Mishaps in Shaping the Apical Third
  • Pain After Cleaning and Shaping
  • Endodontic Emergencies and Their Treatment
  • Treating the Avulsed Tooth
  • Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth
  • Diagnose and treat vertical fractures of teeth.


First Module:

  • Using the microscope, learning different microscope chair positions, and techniques and tools used with magnification.
  • Rubber dam placement.
  • Access cavity under magnification and location of extra canals.
  • Cleaning and shaping using different rotary Ni Ti instruments ( revo s, one shape, Race and protaper)
  • Obturation using thermo-plasticized gutta-percha under magnification.

Second Module:

  • Coronal disassembly.
  • Removal of post and broken instruments and repair of perforation at different canals.
  • Management of immature open apex teeth


Learning objectives:

 Upon completion of this course the dentist should be able to:

First module:

  • Diagnose and treat pulpal and perapical diseases
  • Use magnification in endodontic treatment
  • Use different rotary system in cleaning and shaping of the canals
  • Management of difficult root canal anatomies
  • Obturation using different techniques
  • Diagnosis and management of endodontic emergency

Second module:

  • Retreat endodontic failed tooth
  • Retrieve and remove broken instrument and posts
  • Correct misshaped canals
  • Mange obstructed canals
  • Treating internal root canal resorption, external root canal resorption , vertical fracture and perforation
  • Understand different techniques of pulp regeneration
  • Treat avulsed tooth
  • Restoring endodontically treated tooth

About Arab Society for Continuing Dental Education

Arab Society for Continuous Dental Education (ASCDE) is a fast growing hub for providing dental excellence in Egypt. Initially established as Mastering Dentistry in 2008 in Cairo; till becoming ASCDE in January 2011.
In Egypt, there were numerous challenges for dentists to continue their education. Not only that continuing education centres were monopolized by a few numbered organizations, their choice of subjects was far behind the current needs or updates required. Other alternatives included dental companies marketing for their products by providing courses. With no law regulating dental license renewal, the choice to continue dental education was purely based on personal preference.
theirmission in ASCDE to be a recognized beacon of knowledge and a central crossroads where dentists globally and locally convene to upgrade their skills and competence- has put us on fast-track to international globalization. ASCDE is a frontrunner in providing continuous dental education in Egypt and the middle east, ranking highest among local competitors. theyare pleased to provide a wide variety of professional courses, and outstanding programs, presentations and meetings in different dental branches to assist dentists in updating their knowledge and skills with the latest developments.
In only 5 years, more than 1300 candidates attended theircourses from 14 different countries; and around 45 different lecturers were hosted from numerous countries including the UK, USA, France, Spain, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.
Currently, the ASCDE has organized 50 Comprehensive dental courses that covered all dental branches including orthodontics, implantology, cosmetics, periodontology, dental pedodontics, restorative dentistry, surgery and lastly MJDF preparatory courses.
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