Supply Chain Art Building Excellent Supply Chain Management Ecosystems Supply Chain Art
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Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.

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    Program: – Details in developing Supply Chains, Production and Inventory Planning, Scheduling, and Controling.

    Analyzing Supply Chain Management elements, processes, and structures.

    Program aims to provide analysis of the essential aspects in designing, developing, and diagnosing end-to-end supply chains, as well as teach the skills necessary to apply the processes, and tools to operate supply chain ecosystems successfully and responsibly locally or in global markets.

    Material and knowledge are focused on elements and structure of various supply chain models, including the fundamental methods, techniques, and tools including calculations, formulas, and ratios used to develop, execute and build supply chains ecosystems. This knowledge includes the understanding, managing, planning, scheduling, and controlling of all supply chain processes for the alignment of demand and resources to create a value chain. The material also includes information that can be used for an overview in preparation of supply chain and operations certificate exams, like CSCP, CPIM, and CLTD.

    Participation: - Anyone interested to learn more about supply chains, those seeking to improve their operations, and those seeking to take certificate exams. Sessions are either online or face-to-face, if need be, contact us for alternate options.

    Trainer has over 25 years of experience supporting strategic business objectives and supply chains, also currently training students for supply chain exams.

    Program is set up in three sections, sessions are in three-hour increments, and material may include questions that might be like those on the exams. Major supply chain components included in sections include the following: -
    Section A: -STRATEGIES: - (Some material in Section A also connected to Section B and C).  Up to 9 hours.
    • SUPPLY CHAIN - Strategic Fit and Scope
    • SEGMENTATION – Market, Customer, Suppliers
    • RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT-Customer and Suppliers Performance Objectives
    • QUALITY-CI: – Lean methods, risk management system, KPI.
    • TECHNOLOGY & NETWORK DESIGN: – Current and future state of supply chain.
    Section B- PLANNING: - Up to 9 hours.
    • DEMAND MANAGEMENT, Forecasting methods,
    • PROCUREMENT & PURCHASING - Negotiations, Contracts.
    Section C: - DELIVERING: - Up to 9 hours.
    • INVENTORY MANAGEMENT  Planning, Controlling
    • LOGISTICS: – Warehouse, Material handling, Packaging, Distribution, Transportation, Information Systems
    Contact us for full details of each section and fees per section if about  gaining a certificate of completion for completing all major sections.
      Updated on 22 October, 2020

    About Supply Chain Art

    Supply Chain ART consists of progressive thought leaders and trainers in the supply chain, performance improvement, value creation.

    Over 25 years of providing unbiased business strategy and supply chain improvement solution options for  multiple size organizations within various industries. 

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