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  • Duration: 2 Days

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The success of corporate leaders, outstanding entrepreneurs and outstanding inpiduals is not defined by IQ or job skills, but by “Emotional Intelligence”: a set of competencies that distinguishes how people manage feelings, interact and communicate. Unlike IQ, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) continues to develop with life experiences. Understanding and raising your Emotional Intelligence is essential to your success and leadership potential. EQ is the indicator of excellence on virtually any job. This training aims to provide you with the latest leadership competencies so that you can significantly enhance your leadership skills. This training will also focus on inspiring and empowering the inpidual to handle a wide range of leadership situations.

Expected Accomplishments

  • Develop leadership competencies
  • Harness emotional intelligence to release creativity in the workplace
  • Understand and practice innovative leadership
  • Gain insights of personal strengths and weaknesses and leadership styles
  • Develop emotional competencies such as resilience, creativity, intentionality and interpersonal connections
  • Understand and practice key people skills
  • Develop enhanced interpersonal relationships
  • Learn to apply people skills for success in the workplace
  • Become better supervisors and better subordinates

Course Outline

Emotional Intelligence

  • What is EQ
  • EQ At The workplace
  • EQ For Success

The Leader’s Personality Profile

  • Essential people skills for Effective Leadership
  • Intrapersonal & Interpersonal skills for the Innovative Leader
  • Personality profiling with the LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI)
  • Your preferred behavioral style
  • Let's Explore your Openness, Neutral, Analytical, Relational & Decisive behavioral
  • tendencies
  • Understanding the LEONARD Model for Innovative Leadership
  • Removing emotional blind spots

Leading Others Effectively

  • Understanding the 26 Leonard Personality styles
  • The Introverted Neutral & Analytical Perfectionist
  • The Extraverted Relational & Decisive Exhorter
  • People-Oriented Helper
  • Task-oriented Implementer
  • Optimizing the leader's natural strengths
  • Inpidual transformation for self-development
  • Corporate transformation through innovative leadership

Essential Competencies for The Innovative Leader

  • Effective skills for understanding others
  • Developing competencies for effective leadership
  • Resilience for sacrificial leadership
  • Intentionality for self-motivation
  • Creativity for Innovative Leadership
  • Interpersonal Connections for persuasive leadership
  • Constructive Discontent
  • Integrity, Trust & Compassion for Accountable Leadership

Implementing Innovative Leadership for Managing Performance In The Workplace

  • Applying teamwork for innovation in the workplace
  • Creative Problem Solving techniques
  • Problem Finding for innovative leaders
  • Cultivating a creative workplace
  • Harnessing creativity in subordinates through aligned leadership
  • Establishing criteria for implementing innovative ideas
  • Advocacy skills to implement innovative ideas in the workplace
  • Leadership for Performance Management

Who Can Benefit

  • This training is specifically designed to enhance the leadership skills of any inpidual who is asked to lead and manage an organization, pision, department or team.

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  • Teambuilding & Motivation Skills


  • Consultant led classes including presentations with exercises, role plays, case studies and group discussions


  • Exposure to leadership, motivation, communication or management training

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  • Stay competitive by using cutting-edge technology
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