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Emotional intelligence or EQ has only recently emerged as a desirable trait both in personal and professional domains. It is described as the ability to understand ourselves and others in terms of emotions, to relate well to others and to adapt emotions in relation to others and ourselves. While IQ is important and is the universal benchmark for intelligence, EQ is equally significant in determining the quality of interpersonal relationships which contributes to defining pathways to success. Having a higher level of EQ suggests that an inpidual has a great capacity for comprehending emotions and is able to adapt easily.

EQ, especially in a professional setting, is synonymous with great leadership skills. An inpidual with a high level of EQ is not only able to perceive, express and understand emotions but is also able to adapt to different environments and cope with stressful situations in a better manner. The truly inspirational and successful people are not in a league of their own because of their IQ but because of a high level of EQ. These people are able to be effective communicators at both a personal and professional level. This course will cover a wide range of topics related to EQ from ways in which emotional intelligence can be enhanced to assisting participants in creating a personal vision statement of improving relationships at a personal and professional level. This course is spread out over one day and not just includes the theoretical underpinnings of emotional intelligence but also approaches this topic with practical exercises and role play which helps stimulate and provides a realistic environment of learning to the participants.


The course aims to achieve the following:

  • To expose participants to the definition and theoretical underpinnings of EQ
  • To enable participants to identify their own unique learning and communication style
  • To present the difference between IQ and EQ
  • To present to participants the psychological, physiological and other benefits of a high EQ
  • To provide participants with information regarding interpersonal communication and its links with EQ
  • To enable participants to develop a higher level of understanding and relating to others emotionally

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Be familiar with the key concepts of EQ
  • Understand the difference between IQ and EQ and their contribution to success
  • Understand the role of EQ in effective communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Be able to incorporate the different ways in which EQ can be improved into their own relationships
  • Be able to resolve conflict and cope with crisis
  • Become familiar with the different emotions and ways of managing them
  • Be able to apply the learning from this course in their work place

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Kawader is a learning and development institute licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai (KHDA) that helps people grow in so many ways. It is a place where they combine theoretical information and practical exercises to create memorable and impactful experiences that drive towards learning, behavioral change and business outcomes.

At Kawader, their mission is to prepare people to work in a multicultural environment, face new challenges, critically assess business issues and contribute to a brighter future for their organizations.

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their focus is on using innovative, engaging learning methods to reach favorable outcomes. they work as partners with their clients to develop new insights and building capabilities that make a difference.

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