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Emergency Preparedness

EHS Academy

Updated on 08 November, 2015
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Who to Attend:

  • Safety Officers, Supervisors, and Safety Managers
  • Fire Chiefs/ Fire Officers/Fire Marshals
  • Environmental Protection Personnel
  • Construction and plant Engineers

Course Outlines:

Day One:

  • Historical Disasters and Major Accidents Hazards.
  • Different Types of Emergencies (Natural, Technical etc.).
  • Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH)
  • Available Resources (ADNOC Crisis Management Team).
  • Identifying Risks and Hazards of Different Types of Emergencies. (Analysis)

Day Two:

  • Effective Emergency Management (Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and recovery).
  • Management Measures to Prevent Major Accidents.
  • Emergency Response Priorities: Live Saving, Incident Stabilization, and Property Preservation.
  • Provision of Information to: Work Force (Employees & Contractors)
  • Provision of Information to: ADNOC, External Authorities, Neighboring Facilities and to the Public.
  • On-Site and Off-Site Emergency Plans

Day Three:

  • The development and use of a common communications plan.
  • Emergency Call-Out Procedures.
  • How employees should react to different types of emergencies.
  • Incident Command Posts (Emergency Response Center).
  • Manning and responsibilities of personnel at the ERC (Emergency Response Center).
  • How to Control Oil Spills and Oil Pollution.
  • Case Study: Responding to Oil Spills

Day Four:

  • The Role of Emergency Support Groups.
  • Personal Responsibilities in an Emergency.
  • Chain of Command in an Emergency.
  • Training Needs for Personnel Involving in an Emergency.
  • Reacting and Responding to Fire Emergencies.
  • Case Study: Responding to fire accident at the workplace.

Day Five:

  • Reporting and Logging Emergencies.
  • Recording Emergency Events.
  • Types of Documentation Used in an Emergency.
  • Containing Environmental Effects of an Emergency. (Oil Pollution).
  • Following up After an Emergency.
  • Emergency Exercises for different type of scenarios (fire, oil spill, gas leak, etc.)
  • Final Exam.

About EHS Academy

EHS – Academy (Cairo – Egypt) was established in April 2010 and EHS – Training Centre (Dubai – UAE) was established in June 2011 as an Occupational Safety & Health Training and Consultant Companies.

The founder and owner of EHS – Academy and EHS – Training Centre, Mr. Wagdi Fouad Seffain has conducted  since 1981 thousands of International and National Safety & Health Training CTheirses in Egypt and the Middle East, and more than 20,000 persons attended these cTheirses.

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