Egyptian Council for Training & Development Sales Force Workshop Egyptian Council for Training & Development
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The Workshop provides participants with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and activities needed by the active sales person in different fields.

3 Days
14th, 15th and 16th of February 2019
From 10am : 4pm

Day 1 :
1. Definition of Sales.
2. Planning the Sale.
3. Prospecting and Qualifying.
4. Pre-Approach and Approach.
5. Making the Sales Presentation.
6. Negotiation and Sales.
7. Types of Customers.
8. ;
9. Sales Resistance and Objections
10. Closing.
11. Post Sale Activities.
12. Building Future Sales.
13. Increasing Selling Efficiency.
Day 2 :
1. Role Plays.
2. Sales Techniques 
- 7 ;
- Pre sell.
3. Purchasing Process.
4. Body Language.
5. Forecasting Market Demand and Sales Budget.
6. Design and Size of Sales ;
7. Sales Objectives and Quotas.
Day 3 :
1. Role Plays.
2. Planning the Sales Teams Effort.
3. Staffing the sales Team.
4. Training the Sales Team.
5. Directing the Sales Team.
6. Controlling the Sales Team.

Registration fee
1100 LE instead of 1500 until 7th of February 2019
Registration fee including
• Attending the workshop.
• Coffee break & Light Lunch
• Attendance certificate.
• Printed Material & Notes
• Pens Updated on 05 February, 2019

About Egyptian Council for Training & Development

a ECTD - Egyptian Council for Training & Development is an educational organization based in Egypt started its activities in July 2013; They aim to improve and develop personal skills and academic knowledge of the Egyptian in a variety of business areas, so as to prepare them for the professional labor market by providing high quality, affordable, and accessible education, with programs led by the best lecturers from the largest universities and educational entities in Egypt.

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