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The program aims to explain the new Egyptian Accounting Standards, which took effect from 1/1/2008 and find out how to apply these standards and the most important problems of applying of these standards

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All financial management personnel.


General framework of the Egyptian Accounting Standards and the financial statements frameworks:

General framework of the Egyptian Accounting Standards.

  • Standard No. (1): Statement presentation.
  • Standard No. (4): Lists cash flow.
  • Standard No. (5): accounting policies and changes in accounting estimates and errors.
  • Standard No. (7): The following events of the budget date.

Disclosure requirements:

  • Standard No. (15): the disclosure of related parties.
  • Standard No. (19): Disclosure of financial statements for banks and financial institutions.
  • Standard No. (21): Accounting and reporting for retirement benefit systems.
  • Standard No. (25): Financial Instruments: Disclosure and presentation.
  • Standard No. (37): insurance contracts.
  • Standard No. (38): employee benefits.
  • Standard No. (39): Payments based on shares.

Measurement of budget items, including:

  • Standard No. (2): inventory.
  • Standard No. (10): fixed assets and its depreciation.
  • Standard No. (23): intangible assets.
  • Standard No. (28):  assets and and potential liabilities .
  • Standard No. (31): Impairment of Assets.
  • Standard No. (32): non-current assets held for selling  opportunities and discontinued operations.
  • Standard No. (34): Real Estate Investment.
  • Standard No. (35): agriculture.

Investment in other companies, including:

  • Standard No. (17): consolidated and independent financial statements .
  • Standard No. (18): Investments in associated companies.
  • Standard No. (26): Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement.
  • Standard No. (27): Equity in joint ventures.
  • Standard No. (29): a business combination.

Measurement of  income items, includes:

  • Standard No. (8): construction contracts, standard No. (11): revenue.
  • Standard No. (12): Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of contributions.
  • Standard No. (13): the effects of changes in foreign exchange rates.
  • Standard No. (14): the cost of borrowing.
  • Standard No. (20): Rules and standards of accounting related to financial leasing.
  • Standard No. (24): income taxes.

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Horus center is a training provider which is also part of Egypt of Alexandria city. they offer a wide management programs, financial, banking, sales, marketing, legal skills including apprenticeships and professional certificates at various levels. thier open programs allow individuals to attend a wide range of training cthierses throughout the year
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