Effective Time Management Rangers Field Marketing
  • Define Time Management
  • Describe Your Dreams
  • Identify Regrets
  • Articulate Goals
  • Identify How Energy Is Spent
  • Analyze Tasks
  • Analyze Time Usage
  • Analyze Energy Flow
  • Create the Action Plan
  • Evaluate the Time-Management Process
  • Delegate Tasks
  • Choose Tools that Work for You
and more...
Career Path

help to achieve more effective use of the time so that you can direct your energy towards the activities that will further your professional and personal goals.

Rangers Vision:

  • To create and provide excellent quality of retail marketing services where our clients can REACH potential customers, FIND best way to deliver their message and DELIVER this message to the right people at the right time.

Rangers Mission:

  • To provide transparent, efficient, professional and reliable field marketing services to our clients.
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