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In this competitive world, getting products and services to market quickly and effectively is critical.  As project practitioners and teams, we often under high pressure to deliver in shorter time frame and increase productivity.   Based on Lean Approach, this workshop will introduce you and your team various tools and techniques to speed up the project deliveries, reduce cost and increase profit!


Key Learning Points Includes:

  • Understand Lean and Lean Management  
  • How Lean Initiatives can help you to speed up project deliveries, reduce cost and increase profit!
  • How Lean can improve project deliveries and operation
  • Understand waste
  • Know how to identify and reduce waste 
  • Know how to Identify what is value add, non-value add & value enable
  • Case studies to impress learning
  • Apply the lean tools & techniques learned into your company

This workshop provides an overview of concepts and benefit of “Lean” implementation.  It provides you knowledge to identify waste in your environment, and how to overcome this via lean concepts, tools and techniques.  This includes Pull System, Supermarket, Kanban, Lean Line Design, Jidoka, TPM, quick change over, leveling etc.  These tools and techniques have been successfully used in many lean programs worldwide.  They add value, reduce cost, improve cycle time and quality in your process.


The workshop focuses on:

Identify waste

Value added & non Value added - Identify value added & non value added

Lean concept and simulation

  • Push & Pull system
  • 1 pieces flow production process vs batch processing
  • Supermarket concept
  • Milkrun concept
  • FIFO 
  • Line balancing 
  • Line layout
  • Head count improvement 
  • Semi automated concept
  • Spacing saving 

Case studies - Application of the Lean tools and techniques

  • 5 S
  • Quick change over
  • TPM
  • Leveling planning
  • Kanban & supermarket
  • Receiving time windows
  • Frequency of delivery
  • Lean line design
  • Milkrun concept
  • Flow oriented
  • Space saving


The workshop structure is based on Lean Concepts and Approach.  Classroom lectures, experience sharing, case studies, exercises and quiz are included to enhance the learning process.

About PMO Asia

PMO ASIA is a fast growing coaching, training and consulting company.   

We have extensive experience in providing project management training, coaching and consultation to MNCs, SMEs and 

inpiduals since year 2004.

Our forte lies on managing projects in Manufacturing, New Product Introduction (NPI), Research & Development (R&D), 

Engineering, Procurement, & Construction Management (EPCM).   

Our clients come from various industries, from Electronics, Telecommunication, Semiconductors, Automotive to Construction Industries.

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