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Egyptian colloquial Arabic – ECA, is also known as Ammya, is the Egyptian Arabic dialect spoken by Egyptians. Egyptian Arabic is spoken by virtually all Egyptian (about 80 million people), as well as by immigrant Egyptian communities in the Middle East, Europe and North America. ECA has always enjoyed a prestigious position among all regional dialects of Arabic language and is the most widely understood in the Middle East due to the leading role of Egypt in the Arab world and the popularity of Egyptian-made movies and TV shows. Cairene Arabic, the dialect of Egyptian capital, Cairo, is used in daily live activities, song lyrics and plays, broadcast, Egyptian movies and TV shows and political cartoons.

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  • What is special about Egyptian Colloquial Arabic is that it is considered as a “lingua franca” – a language that is understood and used across borders” – within the Arab world, that is, Regardless of which Arabic speaking destinations you may find yourself in, Arabic speakers around the world will be able to understand you. For instance, it is hard for a Lebanese to understand a Moroccan. Yet, all speakers of Arabic in all Arab countries have no difficulty understanding Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA). ECA can be adjusted to any Arabic dialect among the Arab world; in Addition it serves as starting point for studying Modern Standard Arabic.

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We_They (ASA) is affiliated to The DAAD's Language Associationجمعية حماية لغة الضاد, an NGO based in Cairo, Egypt with the sole purpose of promoting the Arabic language all over the world.

We_They (ASA) is a private institution founded in Jan, 2008 by a group of professional Arabic language academians who have great experience in teaching Arabic language to non-native speaker.

Since its foundation, We_They has provided Arabic language students from 15 different countries with the proficiency of Arabic language they strived for to reach their goals, serving inpiduals, Embassies and Universities.

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