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Sometimes you have to be distinct to gain success. This approach is one of the secrets that build E-Marketing Academy success. So, when we present E-Marketing & SEO Specialist Diploma we refer to an excellence element.

E-Marketing & SEO Specialist is the first diploma that combines this mix in Middle East. Not only the structure of diploma we speak about but also the unique and featured content. This diploma transforms BEGINNERS into PROFESSIONALS in just 3 MONTHS.

E-Marketing & SEO Specialist Diploma is a mix between E-Marketing Specialist and SEO Specialist courses. It consists of 94 training hours in 26 sessions during 3 months.

E-Marketing Academy is very clear about the cleverness of each trainee. They have to be able to deal with all future projects whether it personal or at work in their company marketing team.

This long period (it looks like a full semesterJ); E-Marketing Academy prepares each trainee from zero level to applied practical professionalism level. This happens beside many virtual – and sometimes real – projects that break the fear barriers for any newbie.

The Phases of E-Marketing & SEO Specialist Diploma

E-Marketing & SEO Specialist Diploma divides into 2 phases:

First: E-Marketing Specialist:

Diploma Content:

  • The basics of Classic Marketing.
  • The difference between E-Marketing and Classic Marketing.
  • What are the phases of effective E-Marketing and what is the E-Marketing Mix.
  • The success of Facebook with the 5 main components of the website.
  • How to make Facebook as an E-Marketing Company for any product/service.
  • How to make Facebook Ads and how to make smart targeting for your customers.
  • The secrets of Google+ and how to professionally use it in marketing.
  • How to get the best use of Twitter in marketing your product/service.
  • How to build a marketing channel on YouTube to get more customers.
  • The benefits of LinkedIn and how to use your profile to market yourself/your business.
  • How to design an attractive ad for Google Adwords, and how to choose the right keywords with the lower price.
  • The best use of LinkedIn Ads and how to choose the right niche and keywords.
  • How to make a professional blog with a suitable theme.
  • How to register your site in web directories especially Dmoz.
  • How to make ads for ads sites and how to make your ads unique.
  • How to make ads for forums, and how to avoid deleting your ads.
  • How to use Email Marketing in your business and how to get targeted and effective mails for your niche.
  • How to write a compelling article and choose attractive headlines.
  • How to collect required data and use it to call customers.
  • What is the search engine equation and how to apply it.
  • On-Page SEO.
  • Off-Page SEO.
  • The equation of choosing keywords for each page of the website.
  • Website analysis and how to check them to be SEO based.
  • Competitors analyzing with knowing their strategies.
  • Google Analytics and how to use it for developing of E-Marketing Plans.
  • The best use of Google Webmaster Tools.
  • The types of backlinks and how to get strong backlinks.
  • How to write professional articles that meet search engine requirements, and how to target your keyword to see your site in the first page of Google.
  • The Page Rank and how to reach high Page Rank in short time.
  • How to get strong and effective text links.
  • Dmoz and how to deal with.
  • E-Marketing and SEO…. The strong relationship.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes of websites.
  • SEO Strategies.
  • SEO PlansIn

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Being now peruse this page, it means that you are interested in electronic marketing. Whether you've written the term "e-marketing" in the Google search engine, or come across a friendly links, or sponsored links, Fbugodk here now - in e-marketing Academy - I can assure you that you have stepped first step in this promising They are here at the Academy of e-marketing are keen to grow yTheir business on the Theyb, and increase yTheir experience, in all aspects. Whether you are a company or individual can do a lot in terms of yTheir business on the Internet file.

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